Friday, May 7, 2010

WIOLI Conclusion

Hi there and Happy Friday!!  After we were woken up by the maintenance man this morning, the Husband and I took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and went to one of our favorite breakfast spots.  I had an amazing (and huge!) waffle topped with fresh fruit and coffee and we shared the Friday NY Times crossword.  It was such a perfect start to the weekend!!

We spent the better part of the day cleaning the apartment in preparation for my mother-in-law's visit tomorrow and then I was off to Census training for night #5. 
black & lace top--Limited, old
khaki cord miniskirt--Old Navy, old
brown ballet flats--American Eagle, old
blu & green beads--Old Navy, remixed
cherry-print scarf--Target?  I think...

This was the third and last (probably) day of Operation Wear It or Lose It and I managed to max out at three pieces of OWIOLI clothing.  This blouse barely squeaked by, but I decided to give it one more go.  I've always thought it was pretty, but the black and white lace evokes a little too much French maid for me and it's done that weird thing that old shirts do and gotten shorter so that it doesn't really work with any of my jeans.  Let's be honest: its days are still numbered.

The skirt is just one of those weird pieces.  It's corduroy so really I suppose it belongs in my fall/winter wardrobe, but I never wear it and I thought the lighter color might help it pass for spring. It's cute and there's nothing wrong with it, so why can't I ever figure out how to wear it?  Weird.

And last, the ballet flats are part of about five pairs that I bought over the course of a couple of years from American Eagle because they were cute and comfortable when I was in grad school.  I like them all, but I don't need them.  So I got rid of the yellow pair and kept these and the pink ones. 

So here's what I've managed with Operation Wear It or Lose It:
Items Worn: 8
Items Donated: 7

Yes, I still kept more than I donated, but I systematically went through my closest and gave away seven things that I otherwise would have probably convinced myself that I "might" wear someday soon. 
It's a start, not a finish!

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