Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Angel / Starlet

06.29.10 Angelic

June 29, 2010

white maxi dress—American Eagle, last summer
gold metallic sandals--Madden Girl via ebay, remixed
pink pearl necklace--J.Crew, remixed
brown beaded headband--hand-me-up from sister
brown patterned scarf--Banana Republic, retail days
aviators--knock-offs from Vegas

For not knowing what I was going to wear in the morning, I was really happy with the way this outfit came together!  I got called an angel at work and a starlet by my husband, so I’ll happily take either one. :)
It was in the 90s again yesterday so I went for this white breezy maxi dress with an open tie-back to keep cool and added the gold sandals and accessories to glam it up a bit.  I wanted to keep the gypsy, hippie vibe with the headband just sort of slapped on the back of my head and sunglasses with a scarf to cover my cleavage for the office.  Done!

IMG_5309 IMG_5314

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heat Weakens My Reserves

06.28.10  A/C Love

Well, we caved.  It was necessary and I have never appreciated a/c like this.  We actually bought it last week during a long afternoon of weakness and the cats and I have been grateful ever since.  Make no mistake: this is a tiny, tiny window-unit air conditioner but when you’re used to nothing, it feels like pure, pure grace. :)
 06.28.10 Comfy Shoes are a Must

June 28, 2010

gray jersey dress (w/ purple sash)—Limited, old
white pointelle tank--American Eagle, old
black beaded flip flops--Unlisted, gift & remixed
green metallic headband--J.Crew, remixed
giant white beads--Target, old

This is what I wore yesterday, trying stay cool.  I’m a big devotee of the jersey dress for summer and have had this one for years and years.  And after Sunday’s half-marathon, my blistered feet and sore legs left flip flops as the only feasible option.  At least they’re pretty flip flops?


Don’t these beads scream Wilma Flintstone?  They came from Target years ago but I think they’re so fun and kitschy! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some favorites

06.24.10  For Love of Flowers

June 24, 2010

patterned dress—Ann Taylor, thrifted
pink flower pin--H&M, remixed
blue snakeskin sandals--LOFT, old
earrings--Simply Vera, remixed

These pics are from Thursday and this is probably my favorite thrift store find ever.  It was a brand-new Ann Taylor dress in my size, with the tags still attached.  AND it was a petite, which my super-short legs are always grateful for!  I found it last year and truth be told, I’ve not had as good of luck since.



06.25.10 Boat Shoes

June 25, 2010

pink lace tank—American Eagle, old
putty cardigan--J.Crew, remixed
gray denim crops--American Eagle, old
boat shoes--Sperry Top-Siders

Friday was sort of a crazy day with preparations to go to Boston on Saturday for my second half-marathon with Team Challenge.  I think I’ve mentioned previously that my husband has had Crohn’s disease for over a decade and last summer I got involved with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation on his behalf and began fundraising and training to run a half-marathon.   I actually raised over $4200 last fall and got to travel to Las Vegas where I ran my first-ever half!  Mind you—I couldn’t run a mile without stopping to walk when I started the training last August. 

I had such an amazing experience and met so many fabulous and inspiring people that I stayed involved this season as a mentor.  The race was actually in Boston, so New England got to be the host team!  More on the details of the race weekend later, but all of this is to say that I spent Friday running around like crazy.  And making door signs for my amazing mentees!

06.25.10 Door Signs!

Aren’t they pretty?  I shouldn’t tell you the secret in case any of you decide to take the plunge and train with Team Challenge, but we sneak around and hang them on the hotel room doors so they’re the first thing folks see when they leave in the morning to run their race!  It was such a neat surprise for me in Vegas!


My outfit was pure function and comfort today—tank, cardigan, crops, and BOAT SHOES!!!  I’ve wanted a pair of Top-Siders forever and my mom surprised me and sneakily bought me a pair while I was visiting family a few weeks ago.  I LOVE THEM.  They are buttery soft, completely comfortable, and apparently, right on trend this summer.  I’ll be wearing these a lot into the fall and winter with socks and jeans, too.   Obsessed.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer of Stripes

06.21.10  Making Like the Dog

This is what Guthrie (world’s greatest dog) and I have done so far this week.   It’s been crazy HOT in this second-story apartment with no a/c and it just zaps my energy and makes me rest in front of a fan immediately.  Plus I have a cold.  Who gets sick in the middle of summer?  Enough whining….seriously, how cute is she sleeping on her bed? Usually her head hangs off or the cats take up all of the space.

Oh…you’re here for clothes? :)  Well okay, then…

06.22.10  Professional

June 22, 2010

pink shadow-striped shirt--Limited, old
taupe pencil skirt--Limited, remixed
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera, remixed
blue beads--Target, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle, remixed

Sorry for the awful quality of this photo—I didn’t take my photo until later that night when I was headed out to Whole Foods and even though it wasn’t quite dark outside yet, this is what I got.   I dressed a little more professionally for work yesterday since I had a parent of a prospective coming in and was supposed to help with interviews for a new position.  I like to try and look a little more grown-up and like I know what I’m doing when there are visitors. :)  My go-to professional outfit seems to be a button down and pencil skirt?  I like it.

Today was even more exciting.  Here’s a hint….


Yep, I wore my new TOMS wedges for the first time!!  I am obsessed.  I’ve never had a pair of TOMS before and when I saw the new wedges, I was determined despite their steep price of $69.  They’re comfortable, they’re cute, and best of all, they donate a pair to a child in need for every pair you buy, as I’m sure you all know. 

So go get some!!

TOMS Wedges!!

I’m not sure why these are blurry, but no matter—I’ll be wearing these often!

I did wear something besides shoes today…

06.23.10  Summer of Stripes

June 23, 2010

blue tank dress--TopShop
red striped wedges--TOMS <3
anchor necklace--Berk's, remixed
putty cardigan--J.Crew, remixed

I bought this dress on my one and only trip to the TopShop store in Soho last summer and it’s a funny story, as it’s actually (in theory) about three sizes too big.  The tag was mismarked, I guess, but I bought it in a hurry and can only really tell in the top (ie. no need to unzip it to put it on).  I also can’t imagine how short the skirt would be if it was a smaller size!!  Scandalous.


I may have gone overboard with two sets of stripes and the anchor necklace, but I think it looks just nautical and summery enough.  I’m loving that stripes are such a trend this season as I seem to have a lot of them in my closet and they always look sharp with minimal effort.

Plus I had on my red, white, and blue for the USA World Cup victory!!!  Woo-hoo!!

06.23.10b 06.23.10c

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wishing for the Weekend

06.19.10  Pride Parade black tank--Banana, retail days
pink tutu (!)--Forever 21
platform sandals--BCBG via DSW
yellow sunbeam necklace--Anthro, remixed
bumblebee clutch--J.Crew sale, remixed

Well, I’m back in lovely New England after an amazing week with my family down South and thanks to our lack of air conditioning, it is just as hot way up here!  Somehow when summer comes, I can’t remember what it feels like to freeze all winter and come winter, I forget that it was ever hot and humid.  I do love having the seasons though and it’s fun to experience all of the activities (and outfits!) that go along with each. 

I came home and jumped right into a crazy weekend catching up with friends after being away, hitting up the beach for the first time this summer, and watching lots of World Cup soccer.  Saturday was RI Pride Day so we headed out for the infamous parade and let me tell you, it was a site to be seen.  Tons and tons of people everywhere of every single persuasion you can imagine—amazing to see such an open and supportive community.  I loved it.  AND, I took the opportunity to bust out my new pink tutu from Forever 21 because really, what event calls for a tutu more than a pride fest?  I kept it simple with a black tank and beige platforms and one my favorite statement necklaces.  I realized as I was getting dressed that I am severely lacking in plain, solid tanks to put with fun skirts and shorts.  Any suggestions on where I should pick some up?

06.21.10  Maxing Out
purple ombre maxi dress—Old Navy
orange lace tank--American Eagle, old & remixed
green sandals--American Eagle, remixed
black beads pendant--Forever 21, remixed
black "possibilities" cardigan (below)—Anthropologie sale

This is what I wore to work today, a maxi dress made a little more office-appropriate with a cami underneath and a cardigan on top (below).  I still love the maxi-trend since it accentuates my best half and gives me some coverage and space over my bottom half.  Plus, when left unbelted, it’s really like wearing a nightie all day—can’t beat that!

After I put the orange under the purple dress, I decided to just go for it and create a triad with the green sandals.  I think it turned out fun and colorful without looking too cartoonish.

Happy Monday!

IMG_5191 IMG_5200 IMG_5198

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Matters

06.13.10  Jorts
floral tank—American Eagle
"jorts"--cut-offs from an old pair of AE jeans
polka dot flip flops--J.Crew

floral tank detail

I wanted to be comfy playing tourist with my dad on Monday so I went with a pair of jeans I just cut off and this tank that’s one of my favorites from last summer.  Not so sure about the “jorts” though—I’ve seen enough episodes of What Not to Wear to know that I have to fit the biggest part of my body and then tailor from there.  And, um…these aren’t doing me any favors.  Hey—they can’t all be home runs!

06.13.10  Evening
one-shoulder dress—Francesca’s
silver t-straps--J.Crew

Later that night, I went to dinner with some old friends so I switched over to this pretty and comfy dress.  It’s a knit jersey so despite the beading being a bit itchy, it’s easy and fun to wear.  It must seem like I’ve been over-promoting Francesca’s Collections since I’ve worn three of their pieces in the last week, but this is the last of what I bought.  I do LOVE all three pieces: the white daisy top, the red vines dress, and this gorgeous Grecian-inspired dress.  I’m out of dollars for now though, so it'll be a while before I head back. :)

I’m also learning that while shorter skirts/dresses flatter my frame much better than those that fall in the mid-calf region, but I think those that hit me just above the knee are best.  They cover my thighs but leave enough leg exposed so that I’m  not cut off at a weird place.  I guess it’s all about trial and error for what fits your body best!

detail IMG_5138

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kentucky Woman

06.09.10 Repeatswatercolor print dress—H&M, remixed
gold gladiator sandals--Madden Girl via ebay, remixed
earrings--Forever 21, remixed
Rather than blogging the last several days, I’ve been having an amazing time with family and old friends in Kentucky!  But I haven’t been neglecting my daily photos, so here they are all are!  My mom lives on a mini-farm with four horses, two dogs, and two cats, so it’s quite a zoo here but it’s also beautiful and peaceful.  I haven’t seen so many fireflies in years!!
It’s also been well over 90 degrees everyday so I’ve been staying cool in dresses and sandals, which are also comfy for the constant moving.  Wednesday was this watercolor dress I’ve worn before, but I just love the colorful print and sweet cut, even if it is CRAZY short. 
watercolor pattern
My sister, brother-in-law and I did some SERIOUSLY INTENSE yoga (P90X something or another?  I had never heard of it) as well and when we weren’t collapsing on the floor in giggles and sweat, we did get a shot of all of us in our own forms of tree pose. :)
06.09.10  Laughing Tree Pose
 06.10.10  On the Farm
green ruffled dress--Forever 21, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle
silver t-straps--J.Crew, remixed
giant teardrop earrings--Target, remixed
Thursday was a HOT one and I love it!!  Again, another remixed dress that I wore in the cooler weather with a trench and tights.  This belt was a recent purchase that I know I’ll get tons of wear out of this summer when I don’t want black or brown.  I’m so glad white and breezy neutrals are in style right now—they just FEEL cooler all summer long.
dress & belt detail
 06.11.10  Hypnotic
pink patterned tee—Target
white bermuda shorts--American Eagle
navy patent mesh boat shoes--Sperry Top-Siders via ebay
Sad story about these Sperry’s…I was too cheap to fork over $80 or so for the kind I really wanted: the dark leather boat shoe (*sigh*).  BUT, I found these on ebay for only about $30 and thought with the savings, I could live with a navy patent pair instead.  Bad, bad decision.  This is the second time I’ve worn them and they literally chew my feet to pieces.  We’re talking blood, people.  And skin.  I did some wearing of them around the house with thick socks, but still no dice.  Any suggestions for breaking it shoes that SHOULD be comfy already???
Navy Patent Sperry's
 06.12.10  Cocktails
tank dress w/ attached necklace--Express, damage discount :)
platform sandals--BCBG via DSW, remixed
Saturday night I had delicious Indian with a friend from college and drinks with my best friend since 7 years old.  I’ve been saving this dress since I bought it to wear out and I LOVE IT.  I fell in love with it but couldn’t quite rationalize the price tag.  But then, I got a 15% coupon in my inbox from Express and when I tried it on again, this one had a rip that scored me an additional 10% discount.  The rip is on the seam so it’s easily fixable and I got the dress!!  Yay!
06.13.10  Southern Charm
red vines dress—Francesca’s
beaded wedges--Target old, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle, remixed
cathedral earrings--American Eagle, old
wooden handle bag--J.Crew, old
This morning I got up early and drove to see my grandparents and attend their sweet country church with them.  We dropped my grandma off at Sunday school and then my grandpa and I had breakfast and the diner down the street where, truly, everyone knows EVERYONE.  This is the best part: $4 got me a scrambled egg, hash browns, bacon, 4 pieces of toast, and coffee.  With lots of hot sauce.  Crazy!!
We went BACK to the diner after the worship service for lunch with their whole crowd.  It was hilarious and fun and I hope I’m exactly the same when I’m 85 years old!  This sweet dress felt perfect for such a Southern morning.
Well I guess that catches us up—I’ll be back in New England mid-week, but until then, here’s a shot of two of my mom/sister’s horses wearing their weird Jedi fly masks. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet & Simple

06.08.10  Sweet & Simple
white blouse—Francesca’s Collections 
gray denim leggings--Gap, remixed
beaded wedges--Target, old & remixed
green sailcloth trench--LOFT sale, remixed
This was my comfy travelling outfit for my flights to Kentucky this morning.  The denim leggings are a standby comfortable AND chic item and the trench provided some layering warmth (along with a scarf) for freezing planes and shifting temperatures.  I LOVE this new top from recently-discovered Francesca’s Collections, what I initially thought was a more local boutique only to discover it’s actually a Houston-based chain.  No matter!  Their stores are adorable with affordable & unique clothes, colorful jewelry, and a vibe that beats mall stores any day.  This top was one of a few purchases.  I love its blousy and soft fit and the floral detail is so pretty!  I’m loving white this summer, so there will be a lot featured here!
neckline detail
Once I arrived down South I was able to shed my jacket and enjoy a fabulous afternoon with my sister, brother-in-law, and grandparents.  Later, we went out for drinks and dinner with my mom at a great patio bar and enjoyed the best evening.  I love my family so much and miss them constantly, so it felt amazing to be home!
 06.08.10 First Night in Kentucky

Monday, June 7, 2010

Victor, Victoria

06.07.10  Victor, Victoria
white blouse--LOFT, old
pink striped skirt--H&M, remixed
nude platforms--BCBG via DSW, remixed
pearls--Forever 21, remixed
Although I didn’t really have anywhere in particular to go today, I wanted to dress up for an entry to Jessica’s “Victor, Victoria” contest!  The options were menswear-inspired looks or something “super lady-like” and naturally, I went for the latter. 

What could be girlier than pink, pleats, and a bow topped off with pointelle and pearls?  :)
I bought this skirt at H&M during the winter and have actually only worn it once since then.  I like looking back: in January, I wore it with all black and a green scarf.  Now, it’s been summer-ized with white pointelle, pearls, and nude sandals. 
01.26 Ballet Class
Since I’ve been a ghost this week in the blog-world, here are some of the menswear-inspired looks I wore earlier in the week/weekend while we were visiting our nephews and the in-laws!
06.02.10b Shorts for the Office 06.05.10  Family Time
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