Friday, April 30, 2010

4.30.10 Colors!

colorblock dress—Urban Outfitters
teal cardigan--Limited, remixed
silver sparkle tights--American Eagle
purple mary janes--Madden Girl, remixed
orange patterned scarf--Target

This is what I ended up wearing last night to drinks & dinner with a friend of mine. It was Dining Out For Life night so we went to a participating restaurant and had an Indian feast. :) I had to wear comfy shoes for walking almost a mile to the restaurant and it was still chilly out, hence the layers and scarf.

watercolor-print dress--H&M
purple flats--remixed
yellow earrings--bridesmaid gift
This dress was $12. That’s all I’ll say. It’s a cute babydoll shape, if a little short for work and the pattern is so bright and cheery. Sorry for the shadows in these pictures: we tried taking them on the porch and the afternoon sun was falling in patterns that made it impossible to get a shot without shade. I didn’t bother to get better pictures since you’ll be seeing a lot of this dress in the near future. Prepare for my summer uniform: knit dresses and flip flops! Can’t wait!

Today was such a beautiful day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

04.29.10 Surprises!

gold cardigan, NY&Co, remixed
gingham romper--Forever 21
gray skirt--H&M, remixed
black woven belt--H&M, remixed often
purple flats--Rocket Dog, remixed often

Yet another day where I really wanted to wear new warm-weather clothing but it just wasn’t quite up to par outside. So, I took this gingham romper, put a skirt over it and a cardigan on top and belted the whole thing together. Voila! Now, this was cute and fine until I chugged water all day since I was planning to donate blood. Let’s just say it takes a while to undo all those buttons and layers after 2 bottles of water in the span of 20 minutes.

Despite the difficulties in the bathroom stall, I loved wearing the shorts under my billowy skirt. It’s so windy around here and I usually find myself trying to plaster skirts and dresses down while walking around campus. But today I felt so graceful floating along with the wind blowing…at least that’s how I felt, even if not how I looked. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4.27 & 4.28.10 In earlier news...

Looks like I’m really terrible at blogging every day. I usually upload things to flickr and then vow to come back and blog later but naturally, that often doesn’t happen. But that’s okay, right dear readers? Let’s rewind then…

pink flutter-sleeve top--Banana Republic
navy vest--H&M
trouser jeans--Banana, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed
green polka dot scarf--American Eagle, old

I forgot to mention that it was also Awkward Photo Day. I was rushing up to beat the camera timer and I just made it, hence the uncomfortable pose and facial expression. Don’t mind me. Tuesday was a no-wash-hair day partially because I wanted to sleep instead and mostly because the weather was so gray and misty, there was just nothing to be done.

In other, happier news, my pub trivia team continues to dominate and I'm happy to report that Tuesday we won for the FOURTH week in a row. I have such smart friends--way to go guys!!

Now, vests are always one of those items of clothing that I think looks so cute on other people but that I can’t seem to style myself without feeling overly masculine or boring. I loved this little fitted one at H&M and I think it’s the snug fit and brass button details that make it special. Putting it with a t-shirt and jeans isn’t exactly inventive, but hey, vest-a-phobes have to start somewhere.

Are you a vest-wearer? What do you wear with them with besides jeans?

And lastly, a word on these flats. Have I sung their praises yet? They’re several years old from J.Crew and were probably about 40 bucks when I bought them. BUT…they’re rubber, they bend in the middle, they have cute rhinestones and they’re made for the rain. I’ve definitely worn them enough that they cost less than a $1 per wear at this point and they make rainy days just a wee bit more bearable.


black "petals" cardigan--LOFT, sale
pink lace cami--Banana Republic
green peacock belt--Modcloth, remixed
gray denim pencil skirt--BR Outlet, remixed
magenta tights--Limited, remixed
patent wedges--Banana, remixed

I realize I look preggers here, but I promise you it is simply the way the skirt pokes through the slinky fabric of this camisole. I’m back in full swing of my 1/2 marathon training and let me just assure you, these are not the best shoes to wear on your day off from running. The balls of my feet are still a bit sore and it’s not from the 5 hilly miles I ran last night. It’s funny how sometimes I can run all over campus in heels with no problem and then there are days when my shoes HAVE to come off as soon as I hit the office. I definitely notice that I veer more towards flats when the weather is warmer since I want to be outside and walking more often.

Aren’t the details of this cardigan cute? I love the little chiffon petals and covered buttons that take it up a notch from just another lightweight sweater and the black means you can wear it with anything.

Monday, April 26, 2010

04.26.10 Comfort First

Today and yesterday had two things in common:

1. I wanted to be nothing but completely comfortable &
2. It was cold and rainy.

Somehow this left me in gray both days....

gray "molded & melded" tee--Anthropologie
gray skinny cords--J.Crew sale last Xmas
yellow satin flats--American Eagle years ago
silk patterned scarf--H&M
wooden earrings--H&M

I actually ended up freezing after our morning Mass and layered a sweater, scarf, and boots over top of this when I went back to work in the evening. Again--comfort prevailed. After I had on the tee and pants and realized I was completely monochromatic, I added the scarf and shoes. I love seeing the turban-style on so many blogs lately and the red lips are an accessory in and of themselves, I think. Flats were a necessity since I ran a 5-mile race on Saturday and am sadly out of shape with bad knees. Yes, I'm also 80 years old. (Actually..speaking of which, my dear dear husband replaced our old gross bath mat today with pretty blue ones he got in a cheap set. A set that included a fuzzy toilet seat cover. All I can think of is a grandmother's bathroom in the 80s...)

gray tunic--Forever 21
black leggings--Urban Outfitters
houndstooth wellies--Banana, remixed a lot this rainy spring
white cami--Abercrombie, seriously this thing is 15 years old
green necklace--street vendor

So on Day 2 of Operation Be Comfortable At All Costs, I ended up in gray again. I think gray is my favorite neutral in the last few years--in a home full of pets, it doesn't show cat hair like black and brown and looks good on pretty much everyone.

My office actually makes for pretty good photos, even if I feel a little silly taking pictures there. Although, let's name it: taking pictures of yourself is already an exercise in ego, so where and when you do it is sort of besides the point. Mondays are generally quiet, but I made today SUPER productive, which felt great as the school year begins to wind down..come on SUMMER!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

04.24.10 Romperrrific

navy floral romper--Forever 21
big brown belt--Banana, retail days, remixed
green beads--J.Crew
blue fringe sandals--American Eagle

This is my first attempt at wearing a romper, as I bought two a few weeks ago at Forever 21 and 1)it hasn’t been warm enough and 2) I had no idea how to wear it if I wasn’t coming from/going to the beach. I thought maybe adding the big belt and necklace made it more urban appropriate, but I’m still not sure.

How do you style up pieces like this?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Caz Friday

black cable cotton sweater--Gap
white paisley dress--Target
yellow sunbeam necklace--Anthropologie, remixed
purple flats--Rocket Dog, remixed

This “skirt” is actually a sundress with a cute triangle top but it’s still way too cold out to wear by itself and with a cardigan, all you could see in the break was skin, so I threw this sweater over top. It’s not one of my favorite looks and I might have belted it instead, but it was fun to wear a new dress in a slightly unexpected way and still be comfortable for errands and lounging.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Yay Mother Earth!! I hope everyone is celebrating Earth Day today by doing something good for the environment or at least forgoing one disposable coffee cup, plastic bag, or extra errand in the car. Sometimes the little things really add up even if we can't all go out and plant trees or donate a lot of cash to environmental organizations.

Today I:
1. brought coffee and water to work in my re-usable containers
2. brought my lunch in re-usable tupperware and a bag
3. took the bus!

Actually, I don't really deserve any credit since these are things I do most days, but hey, we can all raise a little awareness on Earth Day, right? ;)

Okay...on to my outfit...

black lace top--Banana Republic
blue & green necklace--Old Navy
pink skirt--Express (10 years old!!)
black woven belt--H&M, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed

This skirt has been in my donation pile so many times and yet I pull it back out every time. I figured if I was going to keep rescuing it, I should probably at least wear it. The end.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catching Up, Part Deux

gold ruffle blazer--Anthropologie, remixed
purple satin cami--Limited
trouser-leg jeans--Banana Republic, remixed
black pointy flats--DSW, remixed
long chain necklace--Simply Vera, remixed

Continuing to catch up, this was what I wore Tuesday night to go to an Equal Pay, Equal Work Happy Hour sponsored by NOW and to our usual Tuesday routine of pub trivia. It was actually warm, but I knew I'd want the blazer for walking between locations and flats for the same reason. This was such a fun night!

green jersey dress--Urban Outfitters
white crochet cardigan--H&M
gold disc necklace--Limited
orange patterned flats--Old Navy, remixed

For Wednesday, I finally wore this gorgeous green dress I bought a ways back but haven't been able to pull out yet. I love how comfy it is but how it also really is special with the wrapping across the bust and the bright cheery color!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching Up

It’s been a crazy week so far, hence the lack of blogging since Sunday. I need to work on my blogger discipline. So, let’s rewind, shall we?

pinstripe blazer—Limited, remixed
gray tee--Urban Outfitters, remixed
pink flower--H&M
trouser leg jeans--Banana Republic, remixed
purple suede booties--Payless, remixed
green earrings—10,000 Villages
rhinestone choker—American Eagle

Monday’s outfit was an attempt to be casual and comfortable while still looking somewhat professional and polished. I wanted to use this giant flower pin to express my simultaneous disappointment with the cool temperatures and showers from the weekend as well as to show approval for the nicer weather promised this week. :) I’m more than a bit superstitious.

green patterned blouse—Banana Republic
ribbon-print skirt—Limited
black woven belt—H&M, remixed
pink patent Mary Janes—J.Crew, remixed
pearl earrings—Simply Vera

This was one of those outfits that just came together out of several old pieces that I have just never worn together. This skirt has such a pretty and feminine shape and I like the flowiness of the top, even with so much volume on the bottom. The Mary Janes are just some of my favorite shoes: they’re beautiful AND comfy. Can’t beat that!

And here’s an attempt of incorporating both my shoes and Zelda the largest cat ever lounging in the middle of the kitchen floor:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Merging Winter & Summer...

white floral applique dress--Forever 21
long gray cardigan--NY&Co, remixed
blue double-buckle belt--Old Navy, remixed
gray diamond-print tights--American Eagle, remixed
riding boots--remixed (tired of these yet?)

I just wrote a whole post and somehow deleted it when I hit "publish." Clearly, I have yet to figure out exactly how Wordpress works to my best advantage. :(

Even though today is rainy and sub-55 degrees, I refuse to dig out my winter clothes now I've packed away most of my cold-weather closet. I'm also tired of waiting to wear my cute sundresses and summer clothes, so I decided to wear this sweet dress today and winter-ize it. It's pretty sheer, so I wanted a longer cardigan that would keep me warm and give me some coverage, as well as the tights. Obviously, I belt without abandon and wear these boots every day that it's not 75 degrees and sunny.

At first, I thought the combo of the airy dress with the heavier and darker sweater, tights & boots would seem like I was confused about what season it was, but I think it works. Plus, I was warm and comfortable for running around today and I really like how the sweater frames the pretty neckline and delicate buttons on the placket of the dress that might otherwise get lost in the babydoll shape. Perfect!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Idea What Is Going On Here...

yellow ruffle blouse--Target, remixed
big brown belt--Banana retail days, remixed often
brown tweed shorts--H&M clearance, remixed
navy tights--no idea
riding boots--remixed and remixed

More rain and highs today in the low 40s, so back to boots and tights with curls we go. I picked up these shorts from H&M this winter for only $10 on clearance and wanted to get one more wear out of them, but I have trouble deciding on a top that goes with them. The navy tights were the only non-patterned ones that were clean and I'm a firm believer in Stacy & Clinton's mantra that neutrals all go together and with anything else. I also feel like they're a bit short for work, even with tights. I started off with a blue blouse and blazer, but something was off and I haven't worn this yellow blouse since January, so I pulled it out (un-ironed) and belted it. It's not my favorite look and something still feels not perfect, but I wore it all under a big trenchcoat anyway. :)


Friday, April 16, 2010


Fridays are usually my day off and today I made full use of that by sleeping in AND napping this afternoon. It was glorious. When I wasn't sleeping, I cleaned and shopped at Trader Joe's to prep for a gathering of twenty students at my place tonight. I invited a bunch of the women over to meet one another and have some appetizers and desserts while the husband hid out in the bedroom and watched baseball. :)

brown pleated sweater--Banana Republic
trouser jeans--Banana Republic, remixed
teal suede flats--Chinese Laundry, remixed
layered pearls--Forever 21, remixed

It was a lot of fun and I threw on clothes about 15 minutes before people showed up,so there wasn't a lot of thought put into this outft. The sweater came back from the dry cleaners today and I wanted to wear jeans and flats, so there you have it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of Taxes and Haircuts

Well hello there...

Today I mailed our taxes, had free Starbucks coffee (for bringing in a reusable mug) and got bangs. That's the big news. My husband, who is kind enough to always be honest with me, sees only the 80's of his childhood in my new haircut, but I love walking out of the salon feeling new and different, so I'm a fan. I especially like it pulled up with just my bangs in front, but that will have to wait for another day. I live quite the exciting life, let me tell you...

After heels and dresses all week, I was ready to be super comfortable and casual today, my "Friday" as I work Sun-Thurs most weeks.
never mind that large orange bag of dirty laundry...

I like the contrast of the heavier metal necklace with the sweet ruffles of the vest and the floral pattern on the flats. And my feet and knees were grateful for a break from the heels, for sure. I've had this shirt for years--since I worked retail at Banana Republic during grad school. You'll notice roughly half of my wardrobe stems from those years of 50% off--not my thriftiest time, but certainly good investments were made that I would NEVER pay full price for now. And I love, love, love these denim leggings from the Gap that actually look like jeans but feel like pajamas. They have pockets and everything! Fancy!
navy boatneck tee--Banana Republic, retail days
gray ruffle vest--H&M
long chain necklace--Simply Vera @ Kohl's
gray denim leggings--Gap, remixed
orange patterned flats--Old Navy, remixed

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lacking Inspiration

Blah. I know I just started this blog and thus should probably try to be upbeat and happy to garner readers, but you know what? Today was just one of those lackluster days that we all have. It's not that anything bad happened at all--it didn't. I think it's more of the burn-out that inevitably happens at the end of the semester whether you're a student trudging through finals, faculty grading all of those finals, or staff trying to wrap things up as students buckle down to write. The weather has turned and is nice and warm--we're actually having spring in New England!--and that means I want to lay in the sun, walk the dog, and generally do things other than sit in front of a computer at work. Don't get me wrong: I love my job and recognize that I am beyond blessed to have this work, especially in a time of such rampant unemployment. But, having been at it for three years now (the longest full-time employment I've had thus far), I'm wondering about my own wanderlust tendencies as well. Too much personal info for a new style blog? Maybe, but my hope is to use the venture of daily outfit posts as a journal of sorts and a window into what each day brings, so there you have it. The plus side is that it's mid-April, Commencement looms, and I have a very flexible summer schedule. Yay for that.

Now, the real reason I'm here...some photos! This is what I wore last night to week 2 of the pub trivia tournament we're competing in and I know it's not super exciting, but I go with my husband and two guy friends, so it's not exactly a runway show. :) We won again for the second week in a row-woo-hoo!! It was fun to relax and have free drinks (the prize each week is a gift card so we haven't had to pay yet), even though I missed GLEE, which I'm going to watch online tonight after my run. Can't wait!

long gray cardigan--NY&Co, $7!
purple ruffle-collar tank--Limited, after-Xmas sale
skinny jeans--Gap, remixed
blue double-buckle belt--Old Navy clearance, remixed
riding boots--Aigner via Macy's clearance, remixed
green metallic headband--J.Crew, remixed
mother-of-pearl earrings--Florida, remixed

Forging ahead...on to today. It was a good thing I planned what I wanted to wear last night because I woke up SUPER late and had less than 20 minutes to shower and get out the door. Eek. Somehow I managed, even with crunchy hair (too much mousse, no glance in the mirror), no makeup, and a small run in my tights (mostly hidden by shoes). I love this dress and coat though. The dress is just a knit from Forever 21 and is super comfortable with it's elastic waist and the trench is nice and lightweight for this time of year. Perfect!
green sailcloth trench--Ann Taylor LOFT, clearance
floral-print dress--Forever 21
black tights--Limited, remixed
patent wedges--Banana Republic, remixed
sunglasses--American Eagle, remixed
bronze earrings--Target

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loud Legs

Yes, those are those my legs and feet from today. As my boss put it, it's a wonder I didn't cause plane crashes. No joke, starting at the bus stop this morning and continuing throughout the day, I got no less than fifteen or so comments on my tights. I think fashion can create an interesting conversation piece, and even though I know some of those folks just thought I was nuts, I enjoy laughing at how loud these stockings are and maybe talking with a stranger or someone I wouldn't normally just because there was an entree into conversation. Am I asking too much of clothing to serve this purpose? Maybe, but it works.

Because of the spotlight-hogging tights, I kept everything else simple and neutral, even though these sky-high platforms often get comments as well. :) I love these sandals--I lived in them last summer after snagging them for less than $20 at Kohl's and plan on doing the same this year. And I don't care: I love them with tights, too!
gray belted dress--H&M
watercolor tights--H&M
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera from Kohl's, remixed
mother-of-pearl earrings--St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota, FL
blue headband--American Eagle, old

Monday, April 12, 2010

4.12.10 Recycling

purple fleece dress--Urban Outfitters
blue double-buckle belt--Old Navy clearance
yellow striped scarf--Old Navy, remixed
polka dot knee socks--J.Crew, old
riding boots--Etienne Aigner, old and re-re-re-mixed
black necklace--Limited

Hooray for having a tech-savvy husband! He's working on the appearance of things here and trying to tidy it up and make it presentable to the world...or all three family members who might read this blog. :)

Monday strikes again but today wasn't so bad. It was sunny and I went to classes, which, nerd that I am, I love. I also was productive in the time I was at work even if I did jam the copy machine and cause a bit of havoc in the office. Oops.
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