Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loud Legs

Yes, those are those my legs and feet from today. As my boss put it, it's a wonder I didn't cause plane crashes. No joke, starting at the bus stop this morning and continuing throughout the day, I got no less than fifteen or so comments on my tights. I think fashion can create an interesting conversation piece, and even though I know some of those folks just thought I was nuts, I enjoy laughing at how loud these stockings are and maybe talking with a stranger or someone I wouldn't normally just because there was an entree into conversation. Am I asking too much of clothing to serve this purpose? Maybe, but it works.

Because of the spotlight-hogging tights, I kept everything else simple and neutral, even though these sky-high platforms often get comments as well. :) I love these sandals--I lived in them last summer after snagging them for less than $20 at Kohl's and plan on doing the same this year. And I don't care: I love them with tights, too!
gray belted dress--H&M
watercolor tights--H&M
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera from Kohl's, remixed
mother-of-pearl earrings--St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota, FL
blue headband--American Eagle, old

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