Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of Taxes and Haircuts

Well hello there...

Today I mailed our taxes, had free Starbucks coffee (for bringing in a reusable mug) and got bangs. That's the big news. My husband, who is kind enough to always be honest with me, sees only the 80's of his childhood in my new haircut, but I love walking out of the salon feeling new and different, so I'm a fan. I especially like it pulled up with just my bangs in front, but that will have to wait for another day. I live quite the exciting life, let me tell you...

After heels and dresses all week, I was ready to be super comfortable and casual today, my "Friday" as I work Sun-Thurs most weeks.
never mind that large orange bag of dirty laundry...

I like the contrast of the heavier metal necklace with the sweet ruffles of the vest and the floral pattern on the flats. And my feet and knees were grateful for a break from the heels, for sure. I've had this shirt for years--since I worked retail at Banana Republic during grad school. You'll notice roughly half of my wardrobe stems from those years of 50% off--not my thriftiest time, but certainly good investments were made that I would NEVER pay full price for now. And I love, love, love these denim leggings from the Gap that actually look like jeans but feel like pajamas. They have pockets and everything! Fancy!
navy boatneck tee--Banana Republic, retail days
gray ruffle vest--H&M
long chain necklace--Simply Vera @ Kohl's
gray denim leggings--Gap, remixed
orange patterned flats--Old Navy, remixed

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