Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urban Safari

05.27.10  Urban Safari khaki mini-trench--H&M, remixed
yellow lace cami--Limited, remixed
purple floral knit skirt--H&M
green ruffled wedges--Madden Girl via, remixed
silver teardrop necklace--NY&Co, remixed
pink earrings--10,000 Villages
This look is not really urban safari—whatever that actually means—but what else do you name a post involving a khaki-colored mini-trenchcoat?  Am I right or am I right?
Taking this pictures this morning led to me another realization: I am out of poses. I have about three: the head down, the look up and smile at husband/dog/cats on the porch, and the often-avoided "look at the camera! but don't be awkward!" I'm going to have to spend more time at others' blogs looking for some more pose inspiration. Mostly, I just feel awkward and hope no one sees me taking photos of myself by propping the camera on my car/porch/staircase, but maybe it's time to work on that.
Also, perhaps I need to start posting later in the day when I can tell you about things that happened. As of now, it's not that exciting of a day as it's really only involved a little work, stale coffee, and dog-walking.  But, I am off to a brunch with our beautiful graduating seniors and then visiting some friends who have had surgery/losses in their family lately, so I’ll be out and about. 
green wedgesskirt pattern
Make it a great one!!!

A Few Items of Business

Gooooood morning, everyone!!  I have an outfit post for today, but a few things I keep meaning to post and forgetting are first.  Story of my life, right?
1.  I uploaded Saturday’s look for Weardrobe’s latest contest featuring high heels!  I’d love some hearts if you’re so inclined, so check it out and maybe even upload your own entry!  The prize is a $100 gift card to Urban Outfitters, which I am unlucky (for my wallet) enough to walk by every day since it’s a block from my office.
05.22.10e Sunglasses
2.  The beautiful LyddieGal who runs Chic on the Cheap left this sweet blog award for me a while back and I’ve never had the chance to post it or pass it on.  Thank you so much!!  It’s my first one!!
Be sure to check out her great finds and how she *works* TJ Maxx like you wouldn’t believe!!

Her blogroll has also introduced me to some great new blogs—I need to update my list and my Google reader to accommodate all of this inspiration!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Wave

05.26.10  Heat Wave shoulder-tie tank--Limited
black walking shorts--Limited
red peeptoe slingbacks--Madden Girl via, remixed
earrings--Forever 21

Friends: it is 90 degrees in New England today.  In May.  Last June, we had highs in the 50s and rain everyday.  And yet, there are (well-loved) members of my family who deny climate change.  *sigh*
I feel bare and pale in these photos!  It always feels strange to re-reveal flesh after long winters and while I’m usually most traumatized over my legs, I’ve begun to love and accept them over the last few months.  Going bare-shouldered to work, however,  feels strange.  Granted, it is senior week, which means in all likelihood there’s no one around the office and no visitors are likely to pop by unexpected.  And I still feel fairly professional in walking shorts and heels.  But seriously, it’s HOT and I just want to be at the beach since they’re still free until they officially open this weekend.

shoulder bow

I have an admittedly casual job where the dress code matters little to none.  In fact, I’m often noted for dressing up so much and especially for my shoe choice (and sheer quantity).  I always try to dress up and look semi-modest for liturgies and more professional meetings and events, but I also wear jeans often and in the summer, when I’m in and out, I might even be seen in shorts or running clothes.  Besides, on service trips and retreats, we’re all in grungy clothes or sweats whether we’re students or staff, so it really runs the gamut.

What kinds of things are off limits for you at work?  Is there a dress code or expected “look?”

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet and Rough Try #2

IMG_4803red patterned dress—Banana, retail days
studded denim jacket--Banana, retail days
big brown belt--Banana retail days, remixed often
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera, remixed
green earrings--10,000 Villages, remixed

Nothing too exciting going on here!  This is the second time in the last week that I’ve worn an outfit that I originally put together back in my retail days with new acquisitions courtesy of the generous employee discount.  In all honesty, I’ve been combining this dress & belt with strappy sandals and a blazer for years now!  And it was my second attempt at combining sweet and girly items with harder edge accessories, inspired by Jessica’s call for submissions.  It’s a much tougher challenge than I would have expected, given the available items in my closet.
I had a great and busy day and felt like I hit every element of my life in some small way!  I had a great lunch with an inspiring professor, spent some time in the office prepping for commencement, did some census work, went for a sweaty 4-mile run, gave the dog a few good walks, worked with my new attempts at container gardening, tackled piles of laundry, and spent time on the phone negotiating some payment plans and finances in my get-out-of-debt-as-soon-as-possible plan.  Whew!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

House Marmie

05.23.10b striped shirtdress-J.Crew, old
silver t-strap sandals--J.Crew
orange necklace--10,000 Villages, remixed
blue headband--aerie, remixed
I think I felt like I needed to compensate after two less-than-full-coverage outfits in a row.  :)  I don’t consider myself a conservative dresser despite my occupation (more on that another time), but something about the low-cut top on Friday night and the super short skirt yesterday made me long for a skirt I could genuflect in comfortably, flat shoes, and a ponytail.  I guess I just crave balance?
I’ve had this dress for years and years and years and I still wear it at least once a season.  It was on sale at J.Crew when I bought it and even though it seemed like a lot of dress for someone as short as I, I just loved it, especially with flat sandals.  It’s airy and breezy while still completely modest and the tie-waist and pockets are perfect complements to the ever-so-slight seersucker fabric.  And the sandals are another purchase from J.Crew many moons ago.  The silver has actually worn off underneath since I’ve lived in them for about three summers now.  Price per wear?  Definitely under $1!  Yes!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

05.22.10 Collection 2010

05.22.10e Sunglasses purple top--H&M
brocade skirt--Zac Posen for Target
grommet belt--American Eagle, old
nude platform sandals--BCBG via DSW
gold disc necklace--Limited, remixed

Fun, fun!  After an impressive display of sleeping in, I went with a group of friends to the RISD Apparel Design’s annual runway show this afternoon!  The students are beyond talented and the show is such fun—they’re so creative and impressive in what they produce at only 18-22 years old.  I’m always awed and humbled seeing these young artists really meet their potential.  I couldn’t take photos at the show itself, but as soon as some surface online, I’ll be sure to link to them and show you my favorites!

One of the neat things about the show is that they actually put some of the pieces up for sale afterward.  How neat to own a completely original design by someone who very well may be the next big designer.  The first half of the show focuses on design challenges that they held during the semester (e.g. coats, non-fabric materials, knitwear) and the second half showcases the senior theses complete with videos of their inspiration.  It’s a fantastic event and definitely not something I get to do every weekend so I was so honored to get to go and watch the show.

This is what I wore to the show: overdressed per usual. :)  This skirt was my other purchase from the Zac Posen collection at Target.  I love the pleats and the gold woven into the pattern to make it a little more special.  I actually didn’t realize just how short it was until I saw these pictures!  Oops.  I might have to be discriminating about where I wear this piece at that length. 

I put the purple top with it trying to play up the yellow and gold in the skirt and then added the grommet belt and the heavy necklace to try and roughen things up a bit in light of Jessica’s challenge!  It turns out I don’t really have any “heavy” accessories, so I have to work with what I’ve got.  This closet is full of ruffles and florals and skirts and sparkle, what can I say?

belt and skirt detailskirt pattern

These sandals are a new acquisition as well and I am in love. After eyeing these pretty much ever since they came out, I’ve been on the hunt for some pretty champagne-hued platform strappy sandals. These fit the bill AND were less than half the price of the Coach ones! I’m not saying that they were a steal at $69.95 (especially for DSW, let’s be honest), but I’m hoping I get several summers’ wear out of them.

05.22.10  Fashion Show

Hope your weekend was a great one and thanks for reading!!

05.21.10 Hot Child in the City

05.21.10  Night Out pink tank--J.Crew sale, old
yellow sunbeam necklace--Anthropologie, remixed
jeans--Citizens of Humanity, remixed
brown kitten heels--Macy's clearance, remixed
silver earrings--American Eagle, remixed
bumble bee raffia clutch--J.Crew sale

Bumble Bee Clutch
For our fourth anniversary, the Husband got us tickets to a Josh Ritter concert in Boston!  We’ve been fans for a long time and the new album is no exception.  The show was great and it was such a nice night for walking across the Commons! 
Hope you had a great Friday!

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life!!

Our anniversary was actually Thursday: that’s 4 years of marriage!  I’m not embarrassed to acknowledge that it has certainly been an interesting road and full of ups and downs, but I’m happy to say that I am more in love now than ever.  I love you sweetie!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Right Back on Track

05.20.10  Back at It
green sheer blouse--Banana, retail days
red tank--J.Crew, old
tweed pencil skirt--Banana, retail days
blue belt--Old Navy clearance, remixed
strappy brown wedges--Banana, retail days
earrings--American Eagle, remixed

Finally, I feel back on track and dressed like a person who has showered and presented herself in a non-hobo fashion.  Oh wait—that’s because I did shower and did dress better!  Yes!!  Isn’t it crazy how much putting just a little effort into your appearance can make you feel like a completely new person?  I always feel more confident and powerful when I’m just a little dressed up!  And despite claims to the contrary, I think it’s a strong feminist statement to express that confidence through clothing and body image.  Whatever it takes to get us out there changing the world, I say… :)


So maybe I wasn’t exactly changing the world today, but I did go to the office, bid farewell to several students who are headed around the world for the summer and continue to prepare for Commencement.  Oh!  And I headed out to my first Enumerator assignment for the Census Bureau this evening.  It’s so top secret I probably shouldn’t even show you this super-geek-alert photo.  Shhhhh….

It was actually really fun!  And not too shabby in pay, too!  In fact, the Husband even suggested (smart guy!) that I use some of the Census money I earned in training to inflate my allowance this month.  I’ll show you what I buy in the coming days, but I already have it in mind from my virtual wish lists.

A quick word about this outfit: it’s actually pretty much the very first outfit I put together back in the day when I worked at Banana Republic.  The blouse, skirt, and shoes all came from the store—they have a sweet employee discount—and I thought it was just the best outfit ever.  And you know what?  I STILL love it.  Details like the accessories have changed, but this is exactly the same core pieces I first wore together over four years ago!  While I don’t often repeat exact outfits, it’s so rewarding to realize that there are, in fact, a few key classic pieces I managed to weed out from years ago and still wear today. 

Do you repeat outfits?
Or are you always trying to wear things in new and different ways?
Are there classic pieces you wear over and over?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just So You Know That This is Real-Life…

...This is really what I wore today to work. 

Do I look like a hobo who didn’t shower?  Yes’m.

Was it raining and that made me basically give up?  You got it.

Am I exhausted and ready for a serious vacation?  You bet.  :)

05.19.10  Yes, this is what I looked like today

yellow striped shirt—Ralph Lauren, old old
purple scarf--Gap, remixed
skinny jeans--Gap, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed
black headband--CVS/Target/one of those

But please don’t think I’m all-depressing, all-the-time.  My plan was to run after work and after bathing last night, I saw no need to waste water.  It was raining, so my hair was going to be up by necessity regardless.  Wait…is that all gross?  I really do maintain personal hygiene, I swear.  I just knew it was going to be one of those days of sort of lounging and sitting on the computer for the bulk of the day, so I thought comfort should be a priority.  And the students are mostly off-campus by now, so if I look a little rough around the edges, well, all the fewer folks to witness!

I also often read some of my favorite fashion blogs only to see people dressed to the nines every time they post.  I guess this is my way of saying that I certainly don’t step out of the pages of a magazine every day (shucks!! cat’s out of the bag!) and that some days, I wear the equivalent of sweats with no makeup.  Ta da!

Please continue to read….or leave your inspiration!  I have an outfit I’m really excited about for tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is Why You Don’t Sleep on Wet Hair

05.18.10 Out of Control Hair striped blazer--Limited, old
blue floral blouse--H&M
jeans--Joe's "Provacateur" via ebay
orange patterned pumps--Madden Girl, DSW
red pendant--jewelry shop in Sarasota, FL
These photos were brought to you courtesy of a bad, bad hair day and a dark and rainy afternoon that made picture-taking outside impossible.  Blargh.
These are probably my favorite jeans, even though I always forget to wear them.  On a whim a couple of years ago, I tried on a bunch of designer jeans at Nordstrom and then went home and searched on ebay for my size in a more reasonable price range.  After a few weeks, I found these Joe’s in the petite cut: the “provacateur.”  I love the dark wash and they fit me better than any pair I’ve ever owned. 
I also love these pumps, but they’re not my most comfortable: case in point, I have a sizable blister on my left pinkie toe after walking around moving my car every few hours today. 
But aren’t they pretty??  :) 
blouse detail

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Minimalist

05.17.10  Minimalist
black patterned dress—Anthropologie
gold sandals—Madden Girl via ebay, remixed
green sail-cloth trench—LOFT sale, remixed (below)

I have many posts to catch up on after an insane week, but the most important and happy news is that the Husband is home from the hospital, well on the way to recovery, and we are thrilled with how everything went!  It was certainly interesting to dress for my favorite body parts and re-affirm my gratitude for my own body while my partner was in the hospital due to body parts that have failed him for many years.  I’ve had a long post on this very topic queued up, but we’ll see if I ever get around to finishing it and posting.  In any case, things should be much calmer around here with him home, visitors departing, and the school year winding down to a close. 
I felt like going super easy and minimal today and with the pattern and cut of this dress as well as the bling of the sandals, I didn’t really need any accessories.  I love this dress—it’s one of my favorites as it’s so light and airy, with a flattering short hemline and empire waist.  I actually paid full price for it at Anthropologie last summer—something I rarely do, but I was in New York City and just a little seduced by how sweet it was. 
You’ve seen this picture before, but don’t my toes look so much better post-pedicure?   :)
IMG_4738 IMG_4728

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

05.16.10  Zac Posen for Target polka dot dress—Zac Posen for Target
blue double-buckle belt—Old Navy clearance, remixed
black lace cami—Target, old
white socks—Target, old
gladiator platforms—Simply Vera, remixed
green earrings—gift from husband

So this is what I wore Sunday to Masses and running around.  My mother-in-law and I went to a local plant sale and I picked up some herbs and flowers for the porch—so excited to get some pots and soil and make our balcony summery!!  Not that I know anything about plants—check in within a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten to water them or the cats will have eaten everything or something.


This is one of my two purchases from the new Zac Posen collection for Target.  I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews and I have to say I agree.  While I loved this dress and the other (soon to be debuted!) piece that I purchased, I really didn’t like everything else.  And, as many have pointed out, it runs super small.  I went up one size in this dress and in all honesty, could probably have stood to go up one more size.
I’m also trying out the socks & sandals trend—much to the confusion of my students at Mass this morning.  While I think it’s cute overall, I think it cuts off my legs and leaves me with a bit of a stumpy effect.  I also had to throw on an old pair of socks (with dogs & the word “woof” on them, but nevermind that) because I didn’t have any cute eyelet or sheer ones.  So maybe those would work better?

What do you think?  Can you rock the socks & sandals?

Edited to add: I just saw this on Jezebel:

Saturday, May 15, 2010


05.15.10 Back on Track striped tee--H&M
pink knit skirt--American Apparel, thrifted
green sandals--American Eagle, old
denim jacket--Old Navy, old
black beads necklace--Forever 21, remixed
owl clock necklace--Forever 21, remixed
These photos from Saturday were at the dog park with Guthrie, my side kick in many photos.  Actually, truth be told, it’s just a mostly-fenced in area at the Brown stadium where everyone in the neighborhood brings their dogs when we don’t get kicked out by the track coaches who are throwing javelins and things. 
IMG_4695IMG_4700 Pretty Toes

Friday, May 14, 2010

End of the Week Round Up

05.14.10b  Still Dressing [Parts of Me] My Best gray flowy cardigan—H&M
brown lace tank--American Eagle, old
bootcut jeans--Banana, retail days
pink polka dot flats--American Eagle, remixed
silver necklace—NY&Co
lagoon headband--Lululemon
yellow earrings--bridesmaid gift

Although I continued to plow through my top five list for Dress Your Best week, I certainly let the rest of my outfits go by the wayside.  To be fair, I was spending my days running back and forth between the hospital, work, and home, taking care of pets, sleeping on a fold-out couch, and showering when possible. 
But, here’s another of my favorite body parts: my d├ęcolletage.  Along with short legs and a petite frame, my chest itself is small and I love it that way.  I can wear whatever tops I want, never have to worry about anything getting loose when I’m dressed up or in tank tops, and can basically glide through the summer without a bra.  Is that too much information? 
A Favorite Feature...
I also loved S’s post quoting Shakira when she lauded her own cleavage—hooray for A & B cups and loving it!!

All this said, the rest of my outfit exists for nothing other than comfort.  I’d been trying to re-wear this long cocoon wrap for some time, but every time I put it on, it was just too flowy and overwhelming.  But today, I needed a sweater, so I looped it in a knot out front.  And yes, that’s my running headband holding back Scraggles, my unwashed and unruly hair. 

05.14.10  Focus Here Plz

I’ve loved reading what others had to say to celebrate their bodies and am so grateful to academichic for initiating such an inspiring collective!
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