Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is Why You Don’t Sleep on Wet Hair

05.18.10 Out of Control Hair striped blazer--Limited, old
blue floral blouse--H&M
jeans--Joe's "Provacateur" via ebay
orange patterned pumps--Madden Girl, DSW
red pendant--jewelry shop in Sarasota, FL
These photos were brought to you courtesy of a bad, bad hair day and a dark and rainy afternoon that made picture-taking outside impossible.  Blargh.
These are probably my favorite jeans, even though I always forget to wear them.  On a whim a couple of years ago, I tried on a bunch of designer jeans at Nordstrom and then went home and searched on ebay for my size in a more reasonable price range.  After a few weeks, I found these Joe’s in the petite cut: the “provacateur.”  I love the dark wash and they fit me better than any pair I’ve ever owned. 
I also love these pumps, but they’re not my most comfortable: case in point, I have a sizable blister on my left pinkie toe after walking around moving my car every few hours today. 
But aren’t they pretty??  :) 
blouse detail

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  1. so pretty!!! so worth a little pain... right? haha, why do we torture ourselves so?
    and your shoe collection is incredibly enviable!


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