Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urban Safari

05.27.10  Urban Safari khaki mini-trench--H&M, remixed
yellow lace cami--Limited, remixed
purple floral knit skirt--H&M
green ruffled wedges--Madden Girl via, remixed
silver teardrop necklace--NY&Co, remixed
pink earrings--10,000 Villages
This look is not really urban safari—whatever that actually means—but what else do you name a post involving a khaki-colored mini-trenchcoat?  Am I right or am I right?
Taking this pictures this morning led to me another realization: I am out of poses. I have about three: the head down, the look up and smile at husband/dog/cats on the porch, and the often-avoided "look at the camera! but don't be awkward!" I'm going to have to spend more time at others' blogs looking for some more pose inspiration. Mostly, I just feel awkward and hope no one sees me taking photos of myself by propping the camera on my car/porch/staircase, but maybe it's time to work on that.
Also, perhaps I need to start posting later in the day when I can tell you about things that happened. As of now, it's not that exciting of a day as it's really only involved a little work, stale coffee, and dog-walking.  But, I am off to a brunch with our beautiful graduating seniors and then visiting some friends who have had surgery/losses in their family lately, so I’ll be out and about. 
green wedgesskirt pattern
Make it a great one!!!


  1. I love your shoes!! They are so cute and such a different color. =D

  2. hahah, I know the lack of poses feeling. and when I do try others, i think they look bad and just return to the defaults. haha. I feel like changing up the location helps some.

    And I love those ruffles wedges. too cute!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Thanks friends!

    I think I do need to find new locations--I've been rotating around my house from the driveway to the sidewalk to the porch to the back. Time for some new spots!


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