Monday, May 3, 2010

Sequins & Stretch

You know those days where you just feel, for lack of a better word, ick?  It usually coincides with my monthly cycle and how much salt I've eaten in the last few days, but let's just say that today called for a billowy top and stretchiness in the waistband-area. 

purple sequin tunic--H&M
gray denim leggings--Gap, remixed
brown wedges--Payless, remixed
cathedral earrings--American Eagle, old

I'm so happy that tunics came back into style last year (are they still "in?"  I have no idea).  So comfy and today's post-rain breeze is beautiful just blowing through my sleeves.  I love it.  My apologies for the terrible picture and lighting, but with the wind and the rain, I decided to just snap a few indoors this morning. 

Happy Monday!

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