Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's Dr. House When You Need Him?

Hi everyone! 
While I'm super excited to participate in academichic's Dress Your Best week, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  The Husband had (scheduled) surgery today and it was just nuts spending all day in and out of hospital waiting rooms (he's fine), largely in sweats and running clothes.  Things will be a bit crazy around here all week balancing visitors, hospital visits, work, and the rest, but it's nothing new to us so we can certainly make it work. :)

Here's what I spent the majority of my day in...hope you're not anticipating anything more than functionality:
pink pashmina--gift from tour guide in Vietnam
gray cashmere sweater--J.Crew, gift from friend due to laundry mishaps
gray denim leggings--Gap, remixed
riding boots--Aigner, remixed

Hooray for comfort!  It was pretty cold and windy here today and since I usually walk to and from the hospital (we live right around the corner), I wanted to bundle up a bit without pulling my winter coat back out from storage--it is May, after all!

This scarf was actually given to me by our tour guide on a grad school immersion trip to Vietnam about five years ago.  My birthday happened to fall during the trip and she was sweet enough to give me this great pashmina as a gift!  The sweater, too, fell into my hands as a gift.  This time, a friend's sweet boyfriend accidentally washed her J.Crew cashmere sweater, shrinking it to perfectly my size.  It's so soft and comfy that it feels like I'm wearing a fancy sweatshirt.  Thanks!!

Thanks for good thoughts about Husband's surgery--he's doing well and it's pretty routine, but I can't until he's back in commission!!

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