Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dressing My Best--Day 2!

When I made my top five list of my favorite body features,  I had a couple of outfits in mind, but this was not one of them. :)

black petals cardigan, LOFT sale, remixed
brown sequined tank--NY&Co
black zippered capris--NY&Co
blue double-buckle belt--Old Navy clearance, remixed
black pointy flats--DSW, remixed

However, a few things happened to bring this outfit together today...
#1  It was really cold.  Like high in the upper 40s cold.  In May.
#2  I wanted to wear my new capris and tank--more on that in a minute
#3  By process of elimination, I decided to dress to emphasize another favorite part: my petite frame.

I've been "small" my whole life.  Pretty much, that means I've been short and proportional.  As much as I like wearing heels and am often jealous of those who never have to hem pants, I really do love my petite figure, short limbs and all. 

Wearing capri pants might not seem like the most obvious way to show that off, but I thought I could sneak in Dressing My Best AND my new clothes by doing a monochrome black look, with skinny pants and pointy flats.  Besides, both these pants and the tank were FIFTY PERCENT OFF.  Thanks crazy NY & Co. sales!!


  1. You look very cute, I love how you paired the sequined top with the outfit sort of reminds me of a Audrey Hepburn type of look. =)

  2. nice outfit. I love the capris paired with the flats, you really have an Audrey Hepburn vibe going on here :)

    I'm petite as well (although a little on the curvier side), and I love it when people don't see this as a "flaw", like something you should hide at all costs. I love heels, but I also love flats, and I won't let the perception others have of my height dictate what I'm wearing.

    I remember once my husband said the following about one of my outfits, "these jeans make you short", and I said, "no my genes make me short, the jeans just don't hide it" (ha!, now that I've said it in English I realized "jeans" and "genes" sound the same! what a shame I didn't say that in English then, hehehe).

    congratulations on being petite, and proud of it :)

  3. I love the petal cardigan! Weren't those sales fantastic at NY&Co? I had a hard time restraining myself to only three new things :)


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