Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet My New Hat!

Oh friends.  I am tired.  This has been a long, long week and our lovely Census training concluded with field training in the torrential rain this morning.  This is pretty much how I felt about it...
white tunic/dress--Limited, old
jeggings--Hue via local shop
black trench--Limited
brown wellies--Banana, remixed and remixed
pink necklace--Old Navy clearance, remixed

With the crazy thunderstorms out there this morning, I had only leggings and my trusty rain boots in mind for our last day of training today.  I was actually observing people conducting real interviews and shuffling paperwork and maps--it was fun!  And, completely unintentionally, both this tunic and "jeggings" (kind of a gross word, right?) fall into the Wear It or Lose It category.  I think I'll be keeping them both even though I'm tempted to toss the leggings into the donation pile.  However, they're good for layering under pants in the winter when it's freezing and I care much more about warmth than fashion.
After the conclusion of our lovely training, I was able to come home and change since the rain stopped and picked up my lovely, lovely mother-in-law from the airport.  We hung out at home for a bit and went to a friend's barbeque before settling in for the night with pizza, TV & Bananagrams.

green sailcloth trench--LOFT sale, remixed
oatmeal tee--Banana, retail days
boot-cut jeans (rolled to try for the boyfriend style)--Banana, retail days
pink patent belt--J.Crew
beaded wedges--Target, old
green fedora--Eugenia Kim for Target!


I am so not a hat person.  I own a few baseball caps (all Cubbies) that I never wear and a ginormous floppy straw hat that I love for the beach.  I just feel like they never look quite as cute on me as other people, but, like the rest of the world, I love the Eugenia Kim collection at Target and decided to take the opportunity to expand my fashion horizons.  The husband told me I looked like Inspector Gadget in the trench and fedora. 

I'm trying out the "boyfriend" look on my jeans as well.  These are boot-cut jeans that I've had for years that I never had hemmed so that they actually fit.  I love how I've seen so many people (notably Christine) rolling them haphazardly and pairing them with heels for a laidback look.  It looks totally easy but chic--thanks for the inspiration!  It was also super practical for a wet day like day when I didn't want to drag my pants through the puddles...

I know this photo is dark, but can't you see how Guthrie and I are connecting?

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