Thursday, May 20, 2010

Right Back on Track

05.20.10  Back at It
green sheer blouse--Banana, retail days
red tank--J.Crew, old
tweed pencil skirt--Banana, retail days
blue belt--Old Navy clearance, remixed
strappy brown wedges--Banana, retail days
earrings--American Eagle, remixed

Finally, I feel back on track and dressed like a person who has showered and presented herself in a non-hobo fashion.  Oh wait—that’s because I did shower and did dress better!  Yes!!  Isn’t it crazy how much putting just a little effort into your appearance can make you feel like a completely new person?  I always feel more confident and powerful when I’m just a little dressed up!  And despite claims to the contrary, I think it’s a strong feminist statement to express that confidence through clothing and body image.  Whatever it takes to get us out there changing the world, I say… :)


So maybe I wasn’t exactly changing the world today, but I did go to the office, bid farewell to several students who are headed around the world for the summer and continue to prepare for Commencement.  Oh!  And I headed out to my first Enumerator assignment for the Census Bureau this evening.  It’s so top secret I probably shouldn’t even show you this super-geek-alert photo.  Shhhhh….

It was actually really fun!  And not too shabby in pay, too!  In fact, the Husband even suggested (smart guy!) that I use some of the Census money I earned in training to inflate my allowance this month.  I’ll show you what I buy in the coming days, but I already have it in mind from my virtual wish lists.

A quick word about this outfit: it’s actually pretty much the very first outfit I put together back in the day when I worked at Banana Republic.  The blouse, skirt, and shoes all came from the store—they have a sweet employee discount—and I thought it was just the best outfit ever.  And you know what?  I STILL love it.  Details like the accessories have changed, but this is exactly the same core pieces I first wore together over four years ago!  While I don’t often repeat exact outfits, it’s so rewarding to realize that there are, in fact, a few key classic pieces I managed to weed out from years ago and still wear today. 

Do you repeat outfits?
Or are you always trying to wear things in new and different ways?
Are there classic pieces you wear over and over?


  1. This look is fabulous, and I am drooling over your belt....

    I repeat from time to time, but I try to change at least one element from look to look. Sometimes you just really like the way a few pieces look together!

    Chic on the Cheap

    PS. award for you at my blog!

  2. I normally have a couple of go to outfits that are always repeated but now that I have started blogging, I have more fun and frustration trying to mix things up.

  3. Hi DD!
    It's true about blogging, isn't it? It's both more fun and inspired AND more frustrating as you try not to repeat and bore your readers.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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