Friday, May 14, 2010

Focus on Features; Forgetting the Rest

What a week...I'm still attempting to dress my best, but as you're about to see, I'm really just focusing on the one body part I like and want to highlight and letting the rest go by the wayside.  You's been a long and crazy one--more on that soon. 

green cardigan--Gap, old
denim skirt--Banana, retail days
pink blouse--Limited, old
pink pearl necklace--J.Crew, remixed
gold gladiator sandals--Madden Girl via ebay

Today I'm highlighting a random favorite body part: my hands and feet.  Ironically, I haven't had a chance to have a mani-pedi so the pictures aren't quite as flattering as I had planned.  Ah well...we'll take it as a good example that my blog is totally real-life. :)

Like my petite overall frame, I like my hands and feet for their small proportions.  My feet are a size 6, so rarely are shoes sold out in my size and my ring size is a 5, making my wedding band look like a doll's ring.  After many years of wishing for more "normal" sized body, I decided in recent years that I really like my little hands and feet.

These sandals are some that I had been stalking for over a month and finally found in my size on ebay (they're last season) and then proceeded to follow them there for another few weeks.  I made a few offers and couldn't get them quite as cheap as I had hoped, so I watched the auction end sadly.  But, they re-appeared, this time on sale and after a bit more bartering, they were mine for 25% less than the initial listing.  Score! 

I definitely threw on the rest of this outfit without much thought--I wanted a comfortable skirt with some layers on top, but I haven't done laundry, nor did I take a lot of time to think about getting dressed.  I think the bling of the sandals stands out enough to divert your attention, yes?


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