Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Wave

05.26.10  Heat Wave shoulder-tie tank--Limited
black walking shorts--Limited
red peeptoe slingbacks--Madden Girl via, remixed
earrings--Forever 21

Friends: it is 90 degrees in New England today.  In May.  Last June, we had highs in the 50s and rain everyday.  And yet, there are (well-loved) members of my family who deny climate change.  *sigh*
I feel bare and pale in these photos!  It always feels strange to re-reveal flesh after long winters and while I’m usually most traumatized over my legs, I’ve begun to love and accept them over the last few months.  Going bare-shouldered to work, however,  feels strange.  Granted, it is senior week, which means in all likelihood there’s no one around the office and no visitors are likely to pop by unexpected.  And I still feel fairly professional in walking shorts and heels.  But seriously, it’s HOT and I just want to be at the beach since they’re still free until they officially open this weekend.

shoulder bow

I have an admittedly casual job where the dress code matters little to none.  In fact, I’m often noted for dressing up so much and especially for my shoe choice (and sheer quantity).  I always try to dress up and look semi-modest for liturgies and more professional meetings and events, but I also wear jeans often and in the summer, when I’m in and out, I might even be seen in shorts or running clothes.  Besides, on service trips and retreats, we’re all in grungy clothes or sweats whether we’re students or staff, so it really runs the gamut.

What kinds of things are off limits for you at work?  Is there a dress code or expected “look?”

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  1. My office is very much the same, everyone pretty much wears whatever they want, and for everyone except me, that pretty much means jeans, crocs, tees, hoodies and all sorts of awful things.

    I was loving the warm today. While I was in the icy office for most of it, stepping outside for 10 minutes and breathing in that warmth was nice.

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