Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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07.27.10  22 of 30

July 27, 2010

black lace dress—H&M, remixed
green cargo skirt--J.Crew, remixed
boat shoes--Sperry, remixed
striped belt--J.Crew, old
green fedora--Eugenia Kim for Target, remixed

I have to say, I just really didn’t like this outfit.  I felt like I was trying to hard to make pieces go together that just really didn’t work and I felt stumpy in a cargo skirt and loafers. 


So let’s just skip right ahead to today, shall we? 

07.28.10  23 of 30

July 28, 2010

navy blazer—LOFT, remixed
gold tee--NY&Co, remixed
white pencil skirt--Limited, remixed
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera, remixed
aviators--Vegas knock-offs, remixed
earrings--Target, old


There, that’s much better.  Granted, this could have used some polish (I mean, don’t I even own an iron?!), but overall I liked the idea and effect. IMG_5687 IMG_5689

Monday, July 26, 2010

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07.26.10  21 of 30

July 25, 2010

white blouse—H&M, remixed
blue tube dress--J.Crew, remixed
beige platforms--BCBG via DSW, remixed
fish pendant--Frog & Toad, remixed


Having worn this skirt previously as a boho, long skirt for a picnic and outdoor concert, I wanted to make it into an office-friendly look this time around.  I usually feel like these platforms are a little out-there for work, but with the high-waisted and flowy skirt, somehow I felt like they worked. 

I kept thinking I needed more accessories: a bigger necklace, a belt, something!  Simplicity won out, however. 

IMG_5670 IMG_5671

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07.24.10  20 of 30

July 24, 2010

striped shark-bite tank—Express, remixed
navy sequin skirt--American Eagle, remixed
yellow rosette belt--J.Crew, remixed
deerskin boat shoes--Sperry, remixed
earrings--Express, old
owl clock necklace--Forever 21, remixed

Saturday morning we went to the Blessing of the Fleet, a RI tradition where the bishop says a blessing over all the boats for a productive fishing season and then there’s basically a parade on water.  A bunch of commercial fishing boats and private yachts float by in the harbor decked out in different themes.  My favorite was probably the one where a couple had just gotten married on the bow and the guys were all wearing tuxedo t-shirts and swim trunks. :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach next door and then came back to town for dinner and playing cards & Bananagrams on the porch with friends.  And drinking too much wine, naturally. 

IMG_5666 07.24.10  Blessing of the Fleet


Sunday, July 25, 2010



2/3 of the way there, we are! 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but only 10 outfits to go?!  I hope I get all of my ideas in my head translated into outfits…

My favorite this week was definitely my two dresses: stripes on top and orange flowers on the bottom.

Do you have a favorite?

Keep it up, remixers!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

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07.23.10  19 of 30

July 23, 2010

striped dress—H&M, remixed
orange floral dress--American Eagle, remixed
blue belt--Old Navy, remixed
black peeptoe flats--Madden Girl via DSW, remixed
rhinestone choker--American Eagle, remixed

Like I said last post, we’ve reached the point where dresses reach beyond their usual limits.  Here we have two dresses trying desperately to function together.  Let me just say, it photographs much better than it looks in person, although I still liked the way it turned out. 


I keep meaning to change up my photo location, but today it was raining again, so to my porch and container garden I went. :)  Despite the appearance, I really am thrilled about my zinnias!

IMG_5640 IMG_5644

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07.22.10  18 of 30

July 22, 2010

white floral dress—Forever 21, remixed
gray skirt--H&M, remixed
black woven belt--H&M, remixed
black peeptoe flats--Madden Girl via DSW, remixed
silver headband--Anthro, remixed

Well, we’ve reached that point, my friends.  Dresses are becoming tops and it’s all downhill from here.  Or uphill, depending on where you think we started.  I think I always point this out, but my favorite part of this dress is the top with the floral pattern and covered buttons, so I decided to focus on that part and tuck the bottom part into the world’s best skirt. :)

07.22.10  Guthrie and I @ the Dog Park

I like the back, too!

IMG_5612 IMG_5611

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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07.21.10  17 of 30

July 21, 2010

black patterned shirt—Banana, thrifted
gray tank--Banana, remixed
jeans--Joe's Provacateur, remixed
red striped wedges--TOMS, remixed
pink necklace--Old Navy, remixed


I feel like I say this all of the time, but this is not what I was planning on wearing today.  This shirt was the only unworn thing left out of my 30 items  so I knew I was going to wear it and was planning on pairing it with this skirt.  Alas, mother nature had other plans: let’s just say it was not a good day to wear a white skirt.  Instead, I pulled out my favorite jeans and rolled them for a different look—which I incidentally really like!  Even cropped, I think these jeans are the most flattering pair ever.  LOVE them!


Initially, I put the tank on since I’m missing the top button on this blouse, but I decided to leave it open after my complaining about lack of layering the other day and then added the pink necklace for some color.  Yes, I know it’s just a shirt and jeans, but I finally feel a little more interesting!


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07.20.10b  16 of 30

July 20, 2010

black lace dress—H&M
beige platforms--BCBG via DSW, remixed
pearls--Forever 21, remixed
bumblebee clutch--J.Crew, remixed

I know this pictures are terrible—so sorry!  I was rush-rushing out the door for dinner and almost forgot to snap these even though I’d been planning to wear this dress last night for days. 

It’s Restaurant Week here in Providence so some friends and I went out to one of the more expensive restaurants in town last night—anywhere you go it’s $29.95 for 3 courses so we chose to get the most bang for our buck. :)  I had local calamari, tilapia picatta, and tiramisu.  Delish.IMG_5588

I felt fairly body-conscious in this dress—I’ve never had anything that fit quite like this!  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I think I like showing off curves in this silhouette every now and then and in appropriate situations.  :) IMG_5587

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hooray!!  Here are outfits #11-15!  We’re trucking along here and halfway to 30, learning more every day.  Don’t you think there are psychological and existential lessons to be learned by this 30 for 30 remix?  What have you other re-mixers learned?  A couple of things thus far for yours truly:

1. I really do have about five times the number of clothes I need / can wear at any given time.
2.  It takes a lot more creativity with accessories (besides just earrings) to make basics interesting and re-wearing things in new ways is harder than I realized.  I’ve never really done it: I just wore different items and rationalized a need for new clothes.
3. I spend much less time thinking about what to wear with only 30 items to choose from, I pack for travel faster, but I do laundry more often (although I also learned I can quickly wash layering tanks in the sink and save cash).

So, life lessons all around thus far. 

My favorite outfit out of the five is probably the blazer-shorts combo.  It’s different than things I would usually wear but was comfy and appropriate for the day.  Yay functional fashion!  What’s your favorite?30 for 30 Banner

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07.20.10  15 of 30

July 20, 2010

gold tee—NY&Co
black capris--NY&Co, remixed
striped wedges--TOMS, remixed
blue flower clip--H&M, remixed
earrings--Target, remixed


15 outfits down means I’m halfway there!  Woo-hoo!  I feel some measure of accomplishment as it really hasn’t been hard not to shop, considering we have no money, and I haven’t been trying to spend in other areas to fill that deep dark void.  So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that I feel like my outfits are all boring.  Am I not making enough use of accessories or makeup or hair to feel more interesting?  Or am I simply not at my best when re-mixing (which might explain my stuffed-to-the-gills closet)?  I refuse to accept the last answer, so when I knew I was going to do a simple tee, capris, and wedges combo today, I added this flower pin (stuck on a headband) to try and make things less boring.  I think the other problem is that it’s just brutally hot and you can’t layer when it’s 90 degrees every day, so I’m tired of looking at simply top-bottom combos or the like. 


I will say that it’s not the limited number of items, it’s just what I’ve been coming up with in terms of combinations.  And the heat.  Yes, let’s blame the heat. :) 

 IMG_5579 IMG_5581

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07.19.10  14 of 30

July 19, 2010

mint silk blouse—J.Crew, remixed
floral skirt--H&M
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera, remixed
big brown belt--Banana, remixed
earrings--Limited, remixed


Yesterday was the first day in about two and a half weeks that I haven’t had to travel or leave town.  I actually caught up on sleep, went back to the office to catch up there, grocery shopped, made a good dinner, and did some (minimal) cleaning up and unpacking. 

This skirt is one of my favorite items that I included in the remix and I can’t believe I waited so long to wear it.  It’s a fun shape, pretty pattern, and has pockets—always a winner!  I had trouble pairing it with something, though.  Theoretically, it could literally go with anything.  It has purple, orange, and green in it, so you could pair it with any of those colors or their complementary ones (yellow, blue, red/pink) or, of course, a neutral.  But it just didn’t look right until I put this blouse that was such a hit before with it.  It’s a little matchy-matchy, but I still liked it and thought the belt and sandals toughened up the silky/floral/girly look a bit.



Like I said, I actually went to the grocery and made dinner last night for the first time in forever.  It was a super-simple weeknight recipe from Cooking Light: pork chops with two-melon salsa & garlic bread.  It was so easy and quick and made with real food—yum.  This salsa was watermelon, honeydew, jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, lime juice, and a pinch of salt.  It was spicy and delicious.  I saved the rest of the watermelon for watermelon margaritas later in the week. :)IMG_5563

Monday, July 19, 2010

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07.17.10  12 of 30

July 17, 2010

navy blazer—LOFT, sale
white tank--Banana Republic, remixed
khaki shorts--Banana Republic, remixed
gold sandals--Madden Girl via ebay, remixed

Saturday and Sunday were our much-anticipated trip to Washington, D.C. for the national pub trivia tournament with Ri-Ra Irish Pub.  We won the local 8-week competition and so were flown to Washington, D.C. and put up in a hotel, treated to free drinks and food and given the chance to compete with 10 other teams for a trip to Ireland!  Sadly, we finished fourth, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Naturally, our camera battery died about two hours into the trip (in Reagan airport, even), so I was reduced to Blackberry photos and recreating what I wore at home. 


This was my traveling outfit for the plane ride and Saturday afternoon—shorts and a tank for the 90+ temps and a blazer for the inevitably chilly aircraft, plus flat sandals for walking. 

07.17.10b  13 of 30

khaki jacket—H&M, remixed
navy sequin skirt--American Eagle
gold sandals--remixed

Saturday night, for the actual tournament I wore this.  Packing with only thirty items to choose from, including only a few I hadn’t worn yet, took about three seconds and I KNEW I couldn’t spend any money, so I didn’t even bother to shop in D.C.  Looks like this remix is already paying off.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some crappy Blackberry photos as well…

Let’s compare Saturday afternoon en route to D.C., full of confidence…


…to Saturday night, mid-way through the tourney when things began to look bleak.   Good times. :)DC Pics 013 IMG00040-20100718-1035IMG00041-20100718-1036      IMG00045-20100718-1115IMG00042-20100718-1044IMG00051-20100718-1329 IMG00049-20100718-1215

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