Friday, May 14, 2010

End of the Week Round Up

05.14.10b  Still Dressing [Parts of Me] My Best gray flowy cardigan—H&M
brown lace tank--American Eagle, old
bootcut jeans--Banana, retail days
pink polka dot flats--American Eagle, remixed
silver necklace—NY&Co
lagoon headband--Lululemon
yellow earrings--bridesmaid gift

Although I continued to plow through my top five list for Dress Your Best week, I certainly let the rest of my outfits go by the wayside.  To be fair, I was spending my days running back and forth between the hospital, work, and home, taking care of pets, sleeping on a fold-out couch, and showering when possible. 
But, here’s another of my favorite body parts: my dĂ©colletage.  Along with short legs and a petite frame, my chest itself is small and I love it that way.  I can wear whatever tops I want, never have to worry about anything getting loose when I’m dressed up or in tank tops, and can basically glide through the summer without a bra.  Is that too much information? 
A Favorite Feature...
I also loved S’s post quoting Shakira when she lauded her own cleavage—hooray for A & B cups and loving it!!

All this said, the rest of my outfit exists for nothing other than comfort.  I’d been trying to re-wear this long cocoon wrap for some time, but every time I put it on, it was just too flowy and overwhelming.  But today, I needed a sweater, so I looped it in a knot out front.  And yes, that’s my running headband holding back Scraggles, my unwashed and unruly hair. 

05.14.10  Focus Here Plz

I’ve loved reading what others had to say to celebrate their bodies and am so grateful to academichic for initiating such an inspiring collective!

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