Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4.27 & 4.28.10 In earlier news...

Looks like I’m really terrible at blogging every day. I usually upload things to flickr and then vow to come back and blog later but naturally, that often doesn’t happen. But that’s okay, right dear readers? Let’s rewind then…

pink flutter-sleeve top--Banana Republic
navy vest--H&M
trouser jeans--Banana, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed
green polka dot scarf--American Eagle, old

I forgot to mention that it was also Awkward Photo Day. I was rushing up to beat the camera timer and I just made it, hence the uncomfortable pose and facial expression. Don’t mind me. Tuesday was a no-wash-hair day partially because I wanted to sleep instead and mostly because the weather was so gray and misty, there was just nothing to be done.

In other, happier news, my pub trivia team continues to dominate and I'm happy to report that Tuesday we won for the FOURTH week in a row. I have such smart friends--way to go guys!!

Now, vests are always one of those items of clothing that I think looks so cute on other people but that I can’t seem to style myself without feeling overly masculine or boring. I loved this little fitted one at H&M and I think it’s the snug fit and brass button details that make it special. Putting it with a t-shirt and jeans isn’t exactly inventive, but hey, vest-a-phobes have to start somewhere.

Are you a vest-wearer? What do you wear with them with besides jeans?

And lastly, a word on these flats. Have I sung their praises yet? They’re several years old from J.Crew and were probably about 40 bucks when I bought them. BUT…they’re rubber, they bend in the middle, they have cute rhinestones and they’re made for the rain. I’ve definitely worn them enough that they cost less than a $1 per wear at this point and they make rainy days just a wee bit more bearable.


black "petals" cardigan--LOFT, sale
pink lace cami--Banana Republic
green peacock belt--Modcloth, remixed
gray denim pencil skirt--BR Outlet, remixed
magenta tights--Limited, remixed
patent wedges--Banana, remixed

I realize I look preggers here, but I promise you it is simply the way the skirt pokes through the slinky fabric of this camisole. I’m back in full swing of my 1/2 marathon training and let me just assure you, these are not the best shoes to wear on your day off from running. The balls of my feet are still a bit sore and it’s not from the 5 hilly miles I ran last night. It’s funny how sometimes I can run all over campus in heels with no problem and then there are days when my shoes HAVE to come off as soon as I hit the office. I definitely notice that I veer more towards flats when the weather is warmer since I want to be outside and walking more often.

Aren’t the details of this cardigan cute? I love the little chiffon petals and covered buttons that take it up a notch from just another lightweight sweater and the black means you can wear it with anything.

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