Friday, April 16, 2010


Fridays are usually my day off and today I made full use of that by sleeping in AND napping this afternoon. It was glorious. When I wasn't sleeping, I cleaned and shopped at Trader Joe's to prep for a gathering of twenty students at my place tonight. I invited a bunch of the women over to meet one another and have some appetizers and desserts while the husband hid out in the bedroom and watched baseball. :)

brown pleated sweater--Banana Republic
trouser jeans--Banana Republic, remixed
teal suede flats--Chinese Laundry, remixed
layered pearls--Forever 21, remixed

It was a lot of fun and I threw on clothes about 15 minutes before people showed up,so there wasn't a lot of thought put into this outft. The sweater came back from the dry cleaners today and I wanted to wear jeans and flats, so there you have it!

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