Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Yay Mother Earth!! I hope everyone is celebrating Earth Day today by doing something good for the environment or at least forgoing one disposable coffee cup, plastic bag, or extra errand in the car. Sometimes the little things really add up even if we can't all go out and plant trees or donate a lot of cash to environmental organizations.

Today I:
1. brought coffee and water to work in my re-usable containers
2. brought my lunch in re-usable tupperware and a bag
3. took the bus!

Actually, I don't really deserve any credit since these are things I do most days, but hey, we can all raise a little awareness on Earth Day, right? ;)

Okay...on to my outfit...

black lace top--Banana Republic
blue & green necklace--Old Navy
pink skirt--Express (10 years old!!)
black woven belt--H&M, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed

This skirt has been in my donation pile so many times and yet I pull it back out every time. I figured if I was going to keep rescuing it, I should probably at least wear it. The end.

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