Monday, April 26, 2010

04.26.10 Comfort First

Today and yesterday had two things in common:

1. I wanted to be nothing but completely comfortable &
2. It was cold and rainy.

Somehow this left me in gray both days....

gray "molded & melded" tee--Anthropologie
gray skinny cords--J.Crew sale last Xmas
yellow satin flats--American Eagle years ago
silk patterned scarf--H&M
wooden earrings--H&M

I actually ended up freezing after our morning Mass and layered a sweater, scarf, and boots over top of this when I went back to work in the evening. Again--comfort prevailed. After I had on the tee and pants and realized I was completely monochromatic, I added the scarf and shoes. I love seeing the turban-style on so many blogs lately and the red lips are an accessory in and of themselves, I think. Flats were a necessity since I ran a 5-mile race on Saturday and am sadly out of shape with bad knees. Yes, I'm also 80 years old. (Actually..speaking of which, my dear dear husband replaced our old gross bath mat today with pretty blue ones he got in a cheap set. A set that included a fuzzy toilet seat cover. All I can think of is a grandmother's bathroom in the 80s...)

gray tunic--Forever 21
black leggings--Urban Outfitters
houndstooth wellies--Banana, remixed a lot this rainy spring
white cami--Abercrombie, seriously this thing is 15 years old
green necklace--street vendor

So on Day 2 of Operation Be Comfortable At All Costs, I ended up in gray again. I think gray is my favorite neutral in the last few years--in a home full of pets, it doesn't show cat hair like black and brown and looks good on pretty much everyone.

My office actually makes for pretty good photos, even if I feel a little silly taking pictures there. Although, let's name it: taking pictures of yourself is already an exercise in ego, so where and when you do it is sort of besides the point. Mondays are generally quiet, but I made today SUPER productive, which felt great as the school year begins to wind down..come on SUMMER!

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