Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lacking Inspiration

Blah. I know I just started this blog and thus should probably try to be upbeat and happy to garner readers, but you know what? Today was just one of those lackluster days that we all have. It's not that anything bad happened at all--it didn't. I think it's more of the burn-out that inevitably happens at the end of the semester whether you're a student trudging through finals, faculty grading all of those finals, or staff trying to wrap things up as students buckle down to write. The weather has turned and is nice and warm--we're actually having spring in New England!--and that means I want to lay in the sun, walk the dog, and generally do things other than sit in front of a computer at work. Don't get me wrong: I love my job and recognize that I am beyond blessed to have this work, especially in a time of such rampant unemployment. But, having been at it for three years now (the longest full-time employment I've had thus far), I'm wondering about my own wanderlust tendencies as well. Too much personal info for a new style blog? Maybe, but my hope is to use the venture of daily outfit posts as a journal of sorts and a window into what each day brings, so there you have it. The plus side is that it's mid-April, Commencement looms, and I have a very flexible summer schedule. Yay for that.

Now, the real reason I'm here...some photos! This is what I wore last night to week 2 of the pub trivia tournament we're competing in and I know it's not super exciting, but I go with my husband and two guy friends, so it's not exactly a runway show. :) We won again for the second week in a row-woo-hoo!! It was fun to relax and have free drinks (the prize each week is a gift card so we haven't had to pay yet), even though I missed GLEE, which I'm going to watch online tonight after my run. Can't wait!

long gray cardigan--NY&Co, $7!
purple ruffle-collar tank--Limited, after-Xmas sale
skinny jeans--Gap, remixed
blue double-buckle belt--Old Navy clearance, remixed
riding boots--Aigner via Macy's clearance, remixed
green metallic headband--J.Crew, remixed
mother-of-pearl earrings--Florida, remixed

Forging ahead...on to today. It was a good thing I planned what I wanted to wear last night because I woke up SUPER late and had less than 20 minutes to shower and get out the door. Eek. Somehow I managed, even with crunchy hair (too much mousse, no glance in the mirror), no makeup, and a small run in my tights (mostly hidden by shoes). I love this dress and coat though. The dress is just a knit from Forever 21 and is super comfortable with it's elastic waist and the trench is nice and lightweight for this time of year. Perfect!
green sailcloth trench--Ann Taylor LOFT, clearance
floral-print dress--Forever 21
black tights--Limited, remixed
patent wedges--Banana Republic, remixed
sunglasses--American Eagle, remixed
bronze earrings--Target

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