Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kentucky Woman

06.09.10 Repeatswatercolor print dress—H&M, remixed
gold gladiator sandals--Madden Girl via ebay, remixed
earrings--Forever 21, remixed
Rather than blogging the last several days, I’ve been having an amazing time with family and old friends in Kentucky!  But I haven’t been neglecting my daily photos, so here they are all are!  My mom lives on a mini-farm with four horses, two dogs, and two cats, so it’s quite a zoo here but it’s also beautiful and peaceful.  I haven’t seen so many fireflies in years!!
It’s also been well over 90 degrees everyday so I’ve been staying cool in dresses and sandals, which are also comfy for the constant moving.  Wednesday was this watercolor dress I’ve worn before, but I just love the colorful print and sweet cut, even if it is CRAZY short. 
watercolor pattern
My sister, brother-in-law and I did some SERIOUSLY INTENSE yoga (P90X something or another?  I had never heard of it) as well and when we weren’t collapsing on the floor in giggles and sweat, we did get a shot of all of us in our own forms of tree pose. :)
06.09.10  Laughing Tree Pose
 06.10.10  On the Farm
green ruffled dress--Forever 21, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle
silver t-straps--J.Crew, remixed
giant teardrop earrings--Target, remixed
Thursday was a HOT one and I love it!!  Again, another remixed dress that I wore in the cooler weather with a trench and tights.  This belt was a recent purchase that I know I’ll get tons of wear out of this summer when I don’t want black or brown.  I’m so glad white and breezy neutrals are in style right now—they just FEEL cooler all summer long.
dress & belt detail
 06.11.10  Hypnotic
pink patterned tee—Target
white bermuda shorts--American Eagle
navy patent mesh boat shoes--Sperry Top-Siders via ebay
Sad story about these Sperry’s…I was too cheap to fork over $80 or so for the kind I really wanted: the dark leather boat shoe (*sigh*).  BUT, I found these on ebay for only about $30 and thought with the savings, I could live with a navy patent pair instead.  Bad, bad decision.  This is the second time I’ve worn them and they literally chew my feet to pieces.  We’re talking blood, people.  And skin.  I did some wearing of them around the house with thick socks, but still no dice.  Any suggestions for breaking it shoes that SHOULD be comfy already???
Navy Patent Sperry's
 06.12.10  Cocktails
tank dress w/ attached necklace--Express, damage discount :)
platform sandals--BCBG via DSW, remixed
Saturday night I had delicious Indian with a friend from college and drinks with my best friend since 7 years old.  I’ve been saving this dress since I bought it to wear out and I LOVE IT.  I fell in love with it but couldn’t quite rationalize the price tag.  But then, I got a 15% coupon in my inbox from Express and when I tried it on again, this one had a rip that scored me an additional 10% discount.  The rip is on the seam so it’s easily fixable and I got the dress!!  Yay!
06.13.10  Southern Charm
red vines dress—Francesca’s
beaded wedges--Target old, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle, remixed
cathedral earrings--American Eagle, old
wooden handle bag--J.Crew, old
This morning I got up early and drove to see my grandparents and attend their sweet country church with them.  We dropped my grandma off at Sunday school and then my grandpa and I had breakfast and the diner down the street where, truly, everyone knows EVERYONE.  This is the best part: $4 got me a scrambled egg, hash browns, bacon, 4 pieces of toast, and coffee.  With lots of hot sauce.  Crazy!!
We went BACK to the diner after the worship service for lunch with their whole crowd.  It was hilarious and fun and I hope I’m exactly the same when I’m 85 years old!  This sweet dress felt perfect for such a Southern morning.
Well I guess that catches us up—I’ll be back in New England mid-week, but until then, here’s a shot of two of my mom/sister’s horses wearing their weird Jedi fly masks. :)


  1. i like all these looks, especially the first. the watercolor dress is so pretty especially with the open sandals. and the tree poses are great (that is my favorite pose it totally relaxes me!)


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