Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heat Weakens My Reserves

06.28.10  A/C Love

Well, we caved.  It was necessary and I have never appreciated a/c like this.  We actually bought it last week during a long afternoon of weakness and the cats and I have been grateful ever since.  Make no mistake: this is a tiny, tiny window-unit air conditioner but when you’re used to nothing, it feels like pure, pure grace. :)
 06.28.10 Comfy Shoes are a Must

June 28, 2010

gray jersey dress (w/ purple sash)—Limited, old
white pointelle tank--American Eagle, old
black beaded flip flops--Unlisted, gift & remixed
green metallic headband--J.Crew, remixed
giant white beads--Target, old

This is what I wore yesterday, trying stay cool.  I’m a big devotee of the jersey dress for summer and have had this one for years and years.  And after Sunday’s half-marathon, my blistered feet and sore legs left flip flops as the only feasible option.  At least they’re pretty flip flops?


Don’t these beads scream Wilma Flintstone?  They came from Target years ago but I think they’re so fun and kitschy! 

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