Monday, June 21, 2010

Wishing for the Weekend

06.19.10  Pride Parade black tank--Banana, retail days
pink tutu (!)--Forever 21
platform sandals--BCBG via DSW
yellow sunbeam necklace--Anthro, remixed
bumblebee clutch--J.Crew sale, remixed

Well, I’m back in lovely New England after an amazing week with my family down South and thanks to our lack of air conditioning, it is just as hot way up here!  Somehow when summer comes, I can’t remember what it feels like to freeze all winter and come winter, I forget that it was ever hot and humid.  I do love having the seasons though and it’s fun to experience all of the activities (and outfits!) that go along with each. 

I came home and jumped right into a crazy weekend catching up with friends after being away, hitting up the beach for the first time this summer, and watching lots of World Cup soccer.  Saturday was RI Pride Day so we headed out for the infamous parade and let me tell you, it was a site to be seen.  Tons and tons of people everywhere of every single persuasion you can imagine—amazing to see such an open and supportive community.  I loved it.  AND, I took the opportunity to bust out my new pink tutu from Forever 21 because really, what event calls for a tutu more than a pride fest?  I kept it simple with a black tank and beige platforms and one my favorite statement necklaces.  I realized as I was getting dressed that I am severely lacking in plain, solid tanks to put with fun skirts and shorts.  Any suggestions on where I should pick some up?

06.21.10  Maxing Out
purple ombre maxi dress—Old Navy
orange lace tank--American Eagle, old & remixed
green sandals--American Eagle, remixed
black beads pendant--Forever 21, remixed
black "possibilities" cardigan (below)—Anthropologie sale

This is what I wore to work today, a maxi dress made a little more office-appropriate with a cami underneath and a cardigan on top (below).  I still love the maxi-trend since it accentuates my best half and gives me some coverage and space over my bottom half.  Plus, when left unbelted, it’s really like wearing a nightie all day—can’t beat that!

After I put the orange under the purple dress, I decided to just go for it and create a triad with the green sandals.  I think it turned out fun and colorful without looking too cartoonish.

Happy Monday!

IMG_5191 IMG_5200 IMG_5198


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