Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recap: 1-5 of 30


I’m a bit behind here, but here are my first five outfits of the 30 for 3o blogger remixing extravaganza!  This is my first time uploading a photo album so I couldn’t figure out how to change the order of the photos so these actually run: #2, #3, #5, #1, #4.  Just to keep you on your toes.  And for you techies, I’d love to know how to fix that. :)

Any favorites of these first five?  If you’re a remixer, how’s it going so far? 

I’ve relieved to know I’ve worn about half of my pieces so far and so still have plenty of “new” things to mix in before the real challenge sets in.  I’ve never been one to take on a challenge that I can keep putting off!

Outfits #6-8 coming up…

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