Tuesday, July 13, 2010

6 of 30

07.11.10  6 of 30

July 11, 2010

colorblock dress w/ attached necklace—Express, remixed
beige platforms--BCBG via DSW, remixed

Dress and heels: super basic and super easy!  These are from Sunday as I spent Saturday catching up on sleep and lounging with the husband and pets and so saw no real need for an outfit other than comfy sweats. 


Last time I wore this dress, I actually wore it the exact same way.  At least, nothing additional added on and with these same sandals.  I love it though and it deserved one more good wear on its own accord before I attempt to transform its look through an art we call remix. :)


On Sunday, I wore this to Mass, brunch, a screening of Eclipse (Team Jacob, obvs), and then later for a cocktail and True Blood-watching session with a friend.  Yes, it was a day full of vampires and werewolves, just like every other Sunday. 

Since I went to the beach in between vampire stories, I didn’t bother to wash my hair in the morning, but threw it up in a topknot until I showered that night.  It was another hot one!


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