Monday, July 5, 2010


07.04.10 Happy Birfday, America.

July 4, 2010

white tank—Banana Republic
gray ruffle vest--H&M, remixed
blue striped shorts--H&M, remixed
silver t-straps--J.Crew, remixed often
long chain necklace--Simply Vera, remixed

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!  I certainly did: swimming in a friend’s pool and camping out at a park on the bay listening to the Philharmonic and then fireworks! 

It was still crazy hot, so I wore these high-waisted shorts that make me feel a little bit like a pin-up girl because of the curves they give me and this ruffled vest I’ve been wanting to remix forever.  I was super pleased with the results and felt just patriotic enough.IMG_5355


IMG_5381 IMG_5393


  1. Thanks! I love it too!
    And it was $9.95--can't beat that!


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