Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hooray!!  Here are outfits #11-15!  We’re trucking along here and halfway to 30, learning more every day.  Don’t you think there are psychological and existential lessons to be learned by this 30 for 30 remix?  What have you other re-mixers learned?  A couple of things thus far for yours truly:

1. I really do have about five times the number of clothes I need / can wear at any given time.
2.  It takes a lot more creativity with accessories (besides just earrings) to make basics interesting and re-wearing things in new ways is harder than I realized.  I’ve never really done it: I just wore different items and rationalized a need for new clothes.
3. I spend much less time thinking about what to wear with only 30 items to choose from, I pack for travel faster, but I do laundry more often (although I also learned I can quickly wash layering tanks in the sink and save cash).

So, life lessons all around thus far. 

My favorite outfit out of the five is probably the blazer-shorts combo.  It’s different than things I would usually wear but was comfy and appropriate for the day.  Yay functional fashion!  What’s your favorite?30 for 30 Banner


  1. I love the floral skirt and ruffle top!
    I suppose getting dressed is much simpler when you've only got so much to choose from!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. no problem on the shout out! good luck with the rest of the challenge! Daisy Dayz Home


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