Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 of 30

07.07.10  3 of 30

July 7, 2010

mint green blouse—J.Crew
gray full skirt--H&M, remixed
white braided belt--American Eagle, remixed
red striped wedges--TOMS, remixed


Day Three!

I’m about to pass out into a nap as soon as I post this—5am wake up calls don’t seem to work that well for my body’s natural rhythms. :)

Three days in, three different pieces!  When I got dressed this morning, my husband noted that this top seemed like an odd choice for my 30 for 30 given that it doesn’t appear too versatile.  I took that as a bit of a challenge, but also discovered a tear on the seam, front and center.  So I might try to take it to the tailor mid-challenge, or I might just cover up the rip and wear her anyway.  In any case, she’ll be re-appearing for sure.

This skirt is one of my favorites and was a last-minute addition to the challenge, but I’m so glad I added it!  It’s flattering with its high waist and full fit and goes with everything.  I always, always get compliments on my outfit when I wear it and today was no exception.  Gooooo skirt!

And by now, you know my much-coveted and purchased TOMS wedges and this white belt I’ve been wearing at least once a week this summer.  Done!

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  1. Thank you!! It's been far more versatile than I would have imagined!


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