Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7 of 30

07.12.10  7 of 30 

July 12, 2010

orange floral dress—American Eagle
blue pashmina--TJ Maxx, remixed
platforms--Simply Vera, remixed
white belt--American Eagle, remixed
earrings--American Eagle, old


I really loved this outfit!  It’s such a great example of how complementary colors can just make a whole outfit POP rather than one color by itself.  The blue and orange are so vibrant paired together (likewise red and green & purple and yellow) and the seemingly odd scarf-strapless dress combo was a good defense against the steaming outdoor weather and the arctic classrooms. 

Other than being a walking ad for American Eagle, I felt comfy in this dress and could easily pull the pashmina around my chest and shoulders if I was too cold indoors.  Good thing too: I left on a 6:30 train yesterday morning and didn’t return home until a few minutes before midnight since for this week I’m taking both a morning and evening class (tip: never do this).  My adorable and thoughtful husband had a delicious salad and naan waiting for me (even after chowing down on Hamburger Helper for himself), which I promptly devoured before crash-landing into bed.

IMG_5467 Dress Pattern

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  1. I know what you mean about being a walking ad for a certain store. I seem to be in A LOT of Target merchandise. You made it look cute though. Good job!


  2. i love the orange and blue together--great summery complementary colors!


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