Monday, July 26, 2010

20 of 30

07.24.10  20 of 30

July 24, 2010

striped shark-bite tank—Express, remixed
navy sequin skirt--American Eagle, remixed
yellow rosette belt--J.Crew, remixed
deerskin boat shoes--Sperry, remixed
earrings--Express, old
owl clock necklace--Forever 21, remixed

Saturday morning we went to the Blessing of the Fleet, a RI tradition where the bishop says a blessing over all the boats for a productive fishing season and then there’s basically a parade on water.  A bunch of commercial fishing boats and private yachts float by in the harbor decked out in different themes.  My favorite was probably the one where a couple had just gotten married on the bow and the guys were all wearing tuxedo t-shirts and swim trunks. :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach next door and then came back to town for dinner and playing cards & Bananagrams on the porch with friends.  And drinking too much wine, naturally. 

IMG_5666 07.24.10  Blessing of the Fleet


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