Monday, July 19, 2010

11 of 30

07.16.10  11 of 30

July 16, 2010

striped dress—H&M
striped ruffled bikini--J.Crew
straw hat--J.Crew

Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends’ company party courtesy of some extra tickets that provided us with a ferry ride, private beach, and food and drink all day long on Block Island.  I’ve wanted to go ever since we moved up here and was so excited to finally have the chance!  Block Island is right off the southern coast of RI and looks like a pork chop with a bite out of the middle.  We took the ferry over in the morning and after a great breakfast in town, spent the day on the beach with drinks, in and out of the water and watching the sand-castle building competition (it’s a design company).  Definitely worth skipping that last day of class. :)



IMG_5503  07.16.10  Ferry from Block Island


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