Monday, July 5, 2010

30 for 30…here we GO!

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Surely you all read Kendi’s hilarious and adorable, super-stylish blog.  Yes?  Good.  Then you know about the 30 for 30 remix challenge: 30 days, 30 pieces of clothing, excluding accessories and no shopping.  The horror…the horror…

I jumped on the bandwagon as I’m also inspired by and wanting to re-create Kendi’s wardrobe anyway and I love the challenge of having to remix a select set of items from my own closet rather than rushing out to buy something new.  And…I could really stand to go a month without shopping because I’m poor.  True story. 
So, if you will, follow along and keep me accountable (and sane?) while I cease shopping and attempt creativity.  You can also join in—there’s a whole boatload of bloggers remixing and no need to be a blogger to participate since there’s a flickr group as well!  Come on—you know you want to!!

Here are the items I’ll be remixing between today and August 5…trust me, way too much thought and energy went into deciding on these items and I’ll be regretting choices tomorrow.  I’m that good at decision-making.
30 for 30 tops
7 Tops:
gold tee--NY&Co
black patterned blouse--Banana Republic, thrifted
white blouse--H&M
pink patterned blouse--H&M
striped tank--Express
mint sleeveless blouse--J.Crew
lace blouse--Forever 21
30 for 30 Pants3 Pants:
Jeans—Joe’s “Provacateur” via ebay
black capris--NY&Co
khaki shorts--Banana Republic
30 for 30 skirts
5 Skirts:
gray skirt--H&M
green cargo skirt--J.Crew
navy sequin skirt--American Eagle
floral skirt--H&M
white pencil skirt--Limited
 30 for 30 Dresses
6 Dresses:
striped dress--H&M
black lace dress--H&M
orange strapless dress--American Eagle
colorblock tank dress--Express
blue tube dress--J.Crew
white flower dress--Forever 21 
30 for 30 jackets
 3 Jackets:
khaki safari jacket--H&M
navy blazer--LOFT
teal cardigan--Limited
30 for 30 Shoes
6 Shoes:
beige platforms--BCBG via DSW
brown platforms--Simply Vera
red striped wedges--TOMS
gold gladiators--Madden Girl via ebay
deerskin boat shoes--Sperry Top-Sider
black peeptoe flats--Madden Girl via DSW
Now…you might think I’m taking the easy way out for a few reasons:
1. I’m using a LOT of dresses. 
2. I’m taking the easy way out by also including two layering tanks.
Layering Tanks
(both by Banana Republic)
I know.  But I just couldn’t narrow it down and rationalized that these are really layering pieces and sort of like pajamas or lounge clothes and I won’t make them the center of any outfit, blah blah blah.  The bottom line is that I’m bending the rules a bit as this is my first real challenge.  Be gentle. :)


  1. Love these items! I'm sure you'll do great. Love your wardrobe.

  2. I consider camis to be pjs. I wear them as bras a lot of days, and underwear don't count... so I think you are safe. Also, using a lot of dresses makes it harder. There are fewer options than with separates for remixing!

  3. @ angeline: thanks so much!

    @ Ady: Good call on the camis. I'll take it. And it's true that dresses are harder to remix although I have a couple of ideas that might turn out better in my head than in reality. We'll see!

  4. I have the exact same lace shirt from F21 in my group of 30 too! I know Kendi does too, so it's be really interesting to see how we all wear it! :)


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