Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Finale

Daily Outfit13

There they are!  I’m unbelievably pleased with myself for finishing: some work for world peace, research medical break-throughs, and I remix outfits.  We all do our parts, I guess. 

So, fellow remixers, have ye favorites?  I have to say that my least favorite was #22.  Poor dear. 

Favorites included #7, #12, #28, & #30, especially because most of them were re-workings of beloved items that made me love them even more for their new looks and possibilities.

I was certainly stretched in creativity!  As someone who tends to figure out one way to wear something and then always wear it that way, it was great fun to challenge myself to remix the same items in new ways.  I practiced my tried-and-true belting, I rolled my jeans, wore dresses as tops & skirts, and both simultaneously.

And how my perspectives on shopping and the amount of clothing I have have changed…

First of all, I just blatantly have a ridiculous number of items in my closet.  To be honest, while I missed the rest of my clothes, I was pretty content wearing and re-wearing these 30 items and it made me realize I could get by (happily) with much, much less. 

Secondly, remixing requires a lot more laundry than I’m used to.  Maybe I’m just a sweaty beast and it is summer, after all, but I rarely do laundry more than every three weeks or so (another testament to the insane quantities in the bowels of my dressers).  Over the course of this challenge, I had to wash specific items to re-wear, which cost me more.  Although, no, you’re right, not as much as a new dress instead.

I have to say that I also felt incredibly liberated by my limited choices of what to wear.  I’m often guilty of standing paralyzed in the closet for twenty minutes or more in the mornings, overwhelmed with options and unable to settle on anything.  Having already worn certain items or combinations, my choices continued to grow more and more limited, making getting dressed that much quicker and less anxiety-producing.

Blog-wise, I liked having a purpose!  I felt like part of a community of bloggers all laboring through this same challenge, which I loved.  It was fun to watch others remix and see how they got creative, tired, and reinvigorated at the same time.  And I discovered some great new blogs like AJ, Ashley, and Angeline!

As far as the raw materials go…

30 for 30

I have to say, I was actually pretty content with my choices.  My superstars were my blue tube dress, my layering tanks, and my pant choices of khaki shorts & black capris.  Surprisingly, I also got three wears out of this floral skirt, a gold t-shirt, and my teal cardigan

I liked the number of each item I had, although maybe fewer dresses and more tops or layering jackets/cardigans next time around.  Call me crazy, but there was no way I could have gotten by with any fewer than six pairs of shoes. 

I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s thoughts as you finish up!  Congratulations, friends and well-done. 


So…what’s next?  :)


  1. Congrats on finishing!!
    So, do you plan on celebrating with a massive closet purge, or a shopping spree?

    Do you feel like you've exhausted the potential of these 30 items, or that you still have much more to try with them?

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. yay congrats! You made some really great looks. I think I'm sick of challenges for a while. :)

  3. It's so awesome that you finished up. I like outfit #30 a lot, too. I am also amazed that you don't do laundry but every 3 weeks. I can't manage to go more than a week and a half tops.

  4. I love what you came up with! I finished the challenge this week, too! I just discovered your blog at the end of the challenge. Darn. Anyway, great work.


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