Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poppy & the Real Girl

08.10.10  Hypnotic

August 10, 2010

red patterned dress—Banana, remixed 
navy vest--H&M, remixed
green wedges--Madden Girl via, remixed
gold earrings--Target, remixed

By now, you’ve inevitably seen the Coach Poppy Project on my site and, more likely, all over the internet on a variety of blogs.  Honestly, I first saw it on Third Floor Closet and thought, “How cute!  I love the flower decor!” before reading more and learning that it was actually a fun way to interact with Coach and Coach fans across the internet and give folks a chance to win some free Coach swag!  So, please, be my guest and play around with the banner here and elsewhere on the web.  Try tweeting with #CoachPoppy to make the patterns everywhere grow (or “liking” it on Facebook) or add my hashtag #gospelofstyle to give this one in particular a special boost.  Full info here.

Full disclosure: I just joined Twitter and have no idea how to use it.  So I just continually tweet Coach.  They haven’t kicked me off yet. :)


I have a lot of trouble styling vests, as it turns out.  I have a couple of them: this navy, fitted one and a gray knit, ruffled one and I love them both, but am never quite sure how to wear them in different ways.  They’re one of those items that look so cute on everyone else and so I’m inspired, purchase it, and then can’t figure out how to wear it.

That said, I like this nautical-ish navy vest over the print dress from last summer.  Although I feel like this dress is a tad snug /short /something not-quite-right, I really love the pleat in the front that gives the skirt some lift and I think the fitted vest up top accentuates that. 

Any other ideas for how to wear either of these vests?  Input much appreciated.

What items do you find look cute on others that you can’t seem to style yourself? 


  1. I really love your style :)
    A kiss from Italy,

  2. See the three outfits that are currently on your chictopia banner? I'd wear the vest with all of those.

    And I love the wedges. Green, ruffles, wedges, what more could you want?

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I really like the vest with the red and white dress. Super cute.


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