Monday, August 2, 2010

28 of 30

08.01.10  28 of 30

August 1, 2010

blue tube dress—J.Crew, remixed
white lace top--Forever 21, remixed
big brown belt--Banana, remixed
red striped wedges--TOMS, remixed
yellow necklace--Limited, remixed

Slowly, slowly….we are getting there.  The challenge is almost over and my closet feels like a department store full of shiny new things. 

I told you this tube dress was versatile—I finally wore it as an actual dress today, under this lace top for church and then on its own for a picnic in the park with friends.  It really makes the perfect shape skirt when belted and a great empire waist dress or bathing suit cover-up.  Have I mentioned I love it?


In case you were wondering why my hair looks greasy, curly and pulled back in nearly every picture lately, I desperately need a haircut AND it’s that point in the summer when it’s just too hot (and time consuming) to break out the hairdryer and I can’t stand it on my neck.  I may go for style from the neck down, but on my  head it’s all practicality, people. 

IMG_5763 IMG_5755


  1. I love the dress with the lace top and belt! So adorable. I like the pop of the yellow necklace, too.

  2. The shape you gave the dress in that first picture is just adorable!


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