Tuesday, August 3, 2010

29 of 30

08.02.10  29 of 30

August 2, 2010

green buttons cardigan—Limited, remixed
khaki shorts--Banana, remixed
gray tank--Banana, remixed
pink patent belt--American Eagle, old
boat shoes--Sperry, remixed

If it looks like I’m on a golf course in these photos, it’s because—surprise!—I am.  I spent yesterday volunteering with my sorority alumni association at a charity golf tournament in Quidnesset (man I love Rhode Island village names).  It was gorgeous—perfect day in the 70s, sailboats on the water, immaculate landscaping. 

I spent the majority of the afternoon during the tournament at the tee for the Hole-In-One $35, 000 prize.  I told the golfers about the prize, laughed with them about the odds, and then watched to see if just maybe someone would hit a hole-in-one (they didn’t). 

So what’s a girl to do for hours on end between foursomes of golfers?  I took these photos, finished a book, and filled divets.  IMG_5783

IMG_5795 IMG_5788

Speaking of books, have you heard of Jen Lancaster?  Because if not, you’re missing out.  She is beyond hilarious and I just finished her first book: Bitter is the New BlackSeriously.   I was laughing so hard at some points that I woke up the husband over the sounds of the TV and a/c who came running because he thought I was choking. 

Also, I sound like I’m choking when I laugh.  Highly inconvenient.

But no joke: read this book and laugh.  I’m already requesting her other ones from the library since this is the one I finished on the golf course.  Be warned if you are of a ginger spirit or easily offended, though: this books contains adult material and language.

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