Monday, August 23, 2010

Lingerie When It’s Light Out

08.23.10  Lingerie for Daytime

August 23, 2010

striped blazer—Limited, old
black lace tank--H&M
black capris--NY&Co, remixed
rubber rhinestone flats--J.Crew, remixed
necklace & earrings--Limited, old

So, so many problems with this outfit.  Oh dear.

First of all, I should make it very clear that this shirt does not look sheer in real life—it must be the flash of the camera.  Really and truly. Secondly, I fully realize that this shirt is pretty low-cut and I wore the jacket buttoned up all day, so there was no cleavage visible.  Which brings me to the jacket itself.  Sad though it is, this blazer has made its way home to the donation pile.  I’ve had it for quite some time and I love it on the hanger, but I just never love it on me.  The sleeves are too puffy, the cut too short---something is off.  But hopefully, someone else will love it and get a great deal!


And even though I feel like I’m just throwing my bust out there on the internet, here’s the pretty lace detail. 



  1. that shirt is so pretty and that blazer adds the perfect balance! business on top, party underneath! It's a shame you're getting rid of it, I think it looks lovely on you!

  2. I like the blazer with the cami. Like the previous poster said, business on top, party underneath!" It is the fashion mullet.


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