Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing Pieces


August 5, 2010

printed miniskirt—Express, remixed
white tank--Banana, remixed
gray knit blazer--Gap, remixed
green beads--J.Crew, old
silver t-straps--J.Crew, remixed

Somehow when I was catching up the other day I skipped from Wednesday to Friday without posting Thursday’s outfit—must have been the post-challenge celebration-induced stupor…

This skirt was another item I wanted to wear and had even debated including in my 30 items, but ultimately didn’t.  I really love the pattern and fun ruffles and that after lusting after it for a bit, I finally got it on sale.  I tried to office-ify it here by putting a knit blazer over my tank top, but seriously, I’m basically breaking every professional rule in the book: I’m wearing flip-flops and a miniskirt to work, after all.   Yay summer!

08.07.10  Maxxed Out

August 7, 2010

purple maxi dress—Forever 21, last year
green sandals--American Eagle, remixed
earrings--Forever 21, remixed
sunglasses--Target, new!

Although this maxi dress was a staple for me last summer, this is the first time I’ve pulled it out this year.  I love the rich color and halter neck of this one and it’s like walking around in a nightgown, which is always a bonus.

I haven’t exactly been a shopping animal since my ban “ended,” since the husband and I are buckling down to get out of debt by the end of the year.  SO excited for that possibility that even if I buy nothing between now and January 1, 2011, it will be worth it.  I’m not promising that will be the case (dare I even hope that it’s not?), but we have concrete goals and putting money towards things other than credit cards will be lovely.  Ugh.

In any case, I did purchase a new pair of sunglasses at Target since the ones I’d bought from there three years ago randomly cracked and broke for no apparent reason the other day.   Practical purchase?   Yes.  But also thrilling given the lack of spending I’ve done over the last month.

See?  It did work!  I’m overjoyed at a pair of $15 sunglasses and still realistic about going spendy-spendy. 

For now.IMG_5853


  1. I really like the purple maxi! It is such a beautiful color, and looks so comfy.


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