Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mardi Gras Comes Early


September 5, 2010

Dress—Cache, birthday gift from the Momster
beige pumps--Madden Girl via DSW, remixed
bronze earrings--Target, remixed

So, as you can see I’m still camera-less.  Additionally, I thought I would present you with the chaos that has been the apartment in the husband’s absence.  Guess we know who does all the housework around here.

Isn’t this dress gorgeous??  My mommy picked it out and sent it to me for my birthday last month and I love it.  I think it fits my new-found curves perfectly and the pattern isn’t something I would have gone for on my own, but I LOVED it once I tried it on.  Go Mom!

IMG00085-20100905-1428 IMG00088-20100905-1429

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