Thursday, September 9, 2010

Looks Like Fall

Feels Like Fall

September 9, 2010

Popham Beach Top—Anthropologie, sale
brown tweed pencil skirt--Banana Republic, remixed
blue belt--Old Navy, remixed
gladiator platforms--Simply Vera, remixed

There’s good news and there’s less good news.

The good news is that the husband is home safe and sound after a wonderful wedding weekend and time with his parents and the other not-necessarily-55-and-over crowd in their Florida community.

The bad news is that SOMEONE left the camera in said community.

That means that you and I are stuck with Blackberry and IPhone photos for the next week until we venture to Seattle for his brother’s wedding and see his parents again.  How lucky am I that these are my problems?


On the other hand, I actually have some new fun stuff to wear so it’s too bad that the photos will be sub-par.  Like this top: I absolutely adore the detail and when I tried it on at Anthro a while back, I loved the orange color and pretty ruffles, but was not interested in paying full price for it.  Lo and behold, it quickly went on sale and I snatched it up, immediately thinking about wearing it with this belt and skirt.   I’m also excited to wear it with jeans now that the weather has cooled down.

I just felt great in this outfit all day and the colors are fall incarnate!



  1. What an awesome outfit- I love the color combination and the shirt is gorgeous! It all really does make me exciting for all things fall :)

  2. I absolutely adore this outfit!! The color combination is so great and the shirt is gorgeous. It all makes me excited for all things fall :)

  3. Whoops! Sorry for the double (triple) post!! :(

  4. I love that shirt. And the skirt. And...the whole outfit. It's perfect. :D lol

  5. hi, i got here from flickr.
    by the way, i looove your top! it's so gorgeous! :D

    Fashion blog:
    The other blog:

  6. This is a super chic outfit. Love the layering and colors you used, great blog!


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